Just Emkaying: Miu - The Cat

Jan 18, 2014

Miu - The Cat

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on the loss of Jimmy. The puppy eyed fellow who loved playing hide and seek around the kitchen.

Today I write about a sneaky, cute, skinny, hungry, bully, cat called Miu.

While this photo may get you all "Awww"-ing, please refrain from giving any credit to Miu. The Photographer(me) has more to do with this than she does. However, she is a born actress if there ever was one.

Miu came into our lives like Arvind Kejriwal waltzed into the Delhi Assembly. There we were in the living room, and in she comes through the front door, looks at us, puts her tail up in the air with disgust and proceeds to catwalk (no pun intended) into the kitchen. 

It was as if she just ended her 8th life at our front door and proceeded with the 9th into our homes. You see, we did not choose her as a little kitten that was cute and cuddly. SHE INVADED US. 

And from that day on, Miu made her guest appearances at odd ours of the day, whenever she feelt like. Sometimes she gets on to the roof for some sun. And YELLS to be picked up and brought down (which she does by herself at all other times that she doesn't feel like Miss Snooty Pops) Other days she hunts little sparrows in our garden. She is usually around at food time. If she can smell meat or fish, she pretty much becomes Mom's shadow. Like a Ninja.

For all her puny size, she can STRETCH. A full 3 feet to reach the top of the kitchen counter, without having to pick her feet of the ground. Or she'll just sit there staring at you while you eat, making these half heart wrenching - half "I'll rip your eyes out you fiend" Meows. I usually hide in a room to have my meals.

In due course, Miu also began to put her plan of taking over the world in action, with some of her Offspring / henchmen growing up in our home. Okay not some, most of them. However at no point in time, did she keep them ONLY at our house. She rotated their training in most of the houses in the neighborhood, ensuring they'd get optimal training in meowing. 

Seen here is one of the aforementioned henchmen under camouflage training. Also known as "use your claws and ruin all cloth material and then run for cover under the divan"
Of Course, Miu is not all that bad. In the evening she does come by for a nice warm cuddle on the furniture. You must understand that by furniture in Miu parlance, that includes Moms feet, dads stomach, and any part of me she finds satisfactory. Miu also is very gentle with us. She only meows the hell out of the paint on the walls when she is hungry (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between snacks and refreshments) and insists she try everything that we have on our plate. 

But this December, I found out that Miu has another side to her that I did not know. She is a born Actress, and in this special Act below with the leading star of the region (me) you will see why. 

This was her reaction when I first asked her...

But I managed to convince her enough, and after a little make up...

Am embarrassed as well. She wouldn't agree to use Talcum powder.

She was all ready for the photo shoot of the century...


Miu and Me. (Marley and me was a copy, trust me)

Instagram this shit, hell yeah!!! @2emkay

So now after her new found fame in Cat world, she's tempered down a bit. She now doesn't mind letting me sleep in my bed or letting me read a book. Sometimes she just sits there, looking at the world while I read.

At other moments, she looks in deep reflection of things that we may never fathom.

"Solving World Problems Mode" - ON
But most of the time, we just love having her around.



  1. Awwwwww!!! Am I allowed to say I am in love with her??? <3

  2. Totally. Am pretty she'd love you too. She loves adding humans to her collection. ;)

  3. You know Madan, we too have had many cats "invade" us that just like that. The latest one is Vanilla, the cat with pearly white fur. When he first made his appearance as a kitten, we thought he was a she because he was so 'female cattish' in his ways - mewing softly and incessantly caressing his body against our ankles. This even prompted my sister to name him Vanilla! Now, he is very much a part of the family and does everything that Miu does except pose for the camera. May be he deserves a blog post too, what say?

    1. Thanks SP :) I think these creatures come into our lives and make it so much more bearable :) I like your blog too, just that I don't get a lot of time to do anything these days. (Though a part of the resolutions :) lets see) You should write about Vanilla, and then we can make a collection of cat tales :D