Just Emkaying: Inspiration writing - Jan 12, 2014

Jan 12, 2014

Inspiration writing - Jan 12, 2014

One of things I want to do this year is to write. Irrespective of the number of likes or shares, or fans knocking down my door, or being mobbed in the street or even if I have to keep my superhero identity in check, I will write.

The thing am trying today is to be inspired by the moment. Here goes.

I'm sitting in Costa coffee right now, and looking around I feel comfortable. In Bangalore I used to hit the Indiranagar Costa every Sunday at 5 for my favourite Caramelato and the book of the week. (Just as I was going to say its peaceful, a bunch of guys have landed their behinds on the inviting couch on my right. Not so peaceful) 

Today am here, reviving this long lost tradition. Hot chocolate has replaced the Caramelato, largely owing to a temporary craving. Am in those nice wooden sofa chairs which have those striped designs. The sort you would see in old clubs? But once you sit in them you realize its narrow at the base, so your ass feels like its being sucked in. There's also a small round wood table, A light bulb shines above it and am in the corner from where I have a view of the whole cafe. I've used my wallet to prop up my ipad mini, while my phones are on the left. 

The sitting arrangement is typical. There are six seating arrangements and am in the left corner. There's an identical set in front of me, and a passage after that. In the front corner there's the high back chair and square table, another one by it's side. As I speak its occupants, two ladies wearing floral pattern tops have just left. Both wore their hair similarly, long straight and shiny, with a clip at the top. The one I could see had sharp features, high cheekbones and a long nose but not protruding. It fit her well. Thin lips but a lovely smile.

Coming back down in the order is another chair table combo like mine, but occupied by a girl who's back is turned to me. The guy is formally dressed, wears specs and are talking and joking politely in Hindi. They just shared a sandwich which the boy valiantly cut with fork and knife when she said it was a lot. He's leaning in, his hands fidgeting under the table. It's clear he likes her, while her reactions seem to be more non committal while she is talking freely. (He just looked at me) he wears a frameless glasses, while she has a pink framed one that matches her pink blouse-top. 

The guys on the sofa on my side have left me and moved to a table outside. And it's just been occupied by a guy and a girl, look like friends. They are discussing dedh Ishqiya and said she has worked with it or something. Another guy has joined them, and apparently he's the boss of a Mumbai hockey team in some hockey league and now they are getting all businessy on the iPad. Am tuning out.

Back to the other guys. There's a lady in front of me, a guy is sitting to her side. This is supposed to be a very collaborative, friendly sitting arrangement. The guy was showing her something on the computer, and I heard a lot of photography being discussed followed by common friends. From what I can see, which is very little, this is also a business or pitch for some mind of assignment. She's keenly listening and watching his laptop. The guy seems very confident, chewing his gum with a tenacity that doesn't seem to be normal, and talking about different things. Let's move on.

The table in the corner ahead of me, two guys, two laptops and looks very boring. I'll skip.

Quick developments on my side, it's actually a job interview. If I could really point it out, it seems to be a marketing job for a hockey team including social media. I'll leave them alone.

Going back to the couple on my right Center. The tables cleared, and the guy seems to be more confident. Now she's fidgeting with the card on the table. I think they like each other. Makes me smile. I think the two will get more comfortable as the time goes on, both are laughing more freely. They're having one of those conversations which two people have when they like each other, and time just flies bye in hours and you feel like its been minutes. Good luck to them.

The guys in front of me have left. And just like that another two walk in from the front door. The conversations on my side is very interesting. The girl probably knows on of the guys from before and she seems to be friendly in the interview cum conversation. I could write a lot more but that would basically be eves dropping,

And just like that, my chocolate is over. It's an hour, and it's a post. Should do this more often.



  1. Wow... I have often tried to interpret people but I fail to concentrate or may be i am more interested in the thoughts going on in my head.

    It was a lovely read. Simply Brilliant.

  2. See, now you are writing! I knew you were good at this and I always like to read narratives that talks about anything and everything. Loved it, keep writing, I will come back for more.

  3. SP, you were always good at this. I remember that Annual day event we were part of, or was it Sports day? It seems like ages ago but I always remembered those days. Thanks for the support, I look forward to seeing you more and hearing of the tales of your little chef :D