Just Emkaying: December 2010

Dec 27, 2010

How do they do it ?!!

After a long time, I had the pleasure of reading through the gadzillion blogs that I have subscribed to, without reading a single post. Why you ask?, well maybe the header was interesting, or I found a funny line in it, or the overall theme seemed to fit my mood at the minute.

I have read some of the posts over some time, which decided if I kept following or dumped it.

Eventually I never dumped any of the blogs, fearing some kind of retribution from the blogosphere. Till today that is.

Anyways,  I was just going through these blogs, and they were like amazing. The kind of content was crazy, there blogs that had post made out of anything and everything. One female was ranting on and on about her underwear, while one guy made up a post just by using Fuck a million times. And it was truly hilarious!!!

Jeez, How do they do it?!!


Dec 21, 2010


Its full of riddles. Its right in front of you and you don't know, then again your right there yet no one knows. Its so  easy to get lost in the whole damn thing, and the end of the day your just one of the variables. It gets pathetic and   miserable, until and unless you solve your riddle, or you become someone's solution to their riddle. Either way, the solution has to come. Either naturally, or by force fit.

Its all good in the end. At least I hope so, this negative scoring has disturbing after effects that just don't go away.


Dec 19, 2010

3 Barbers and December

I find that the most comforting thing to do when I am utterly frustrated is to go and have a head massage. Its Ironical though, that once the universe has kicked the life outta me, I look forward to a pair of greased hands do the same physically to my head.

It is during one of these tormenting/pleasure sessions, that I found that there are 3 types of head massages you can get, irrespective of the oil, the person or the situation your in.

Dec 11, 2010

Sheela and some other Jawani's

Yes I got sucked into the hala-gula about Sheela and her jawani. Undoubtedly, many more will venture into more expensive territory (PVR, FAME..) to find out and watch more of her Jawani Unfold. What was an item song, has now become the "item song of the year" or at least claims to be, and while Katrina's jawani will fade away in some time, in the recent past we've had these crazy crazy item numbers thats driven many a young jawani to the brinks of loosing their....ummm..errr....never mind.

What drives these songs to turn normal college kids, young adults, old people, etc etc to go crazy when the tunes of these hip gyrating, water drenched, bull riding, tattoo-getting, choli displaying etc etc videos?

In search of answers to these awfully simple looking questions, we have put together a composition of what we think has been the best of the last few years. And we have tried to keep the jawani gender neutral. Period.

In the order of our favorites!!!

10. Khallas - Company (2002) - Isha Koppikar

9. Aisa Jadoo : Khakee (2004)-Lara Dutta

8. Lazy Lamhe - Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008)-Amisha Patel

7. Dhoom Machale - Dhoom (2004)-Tata Young

6. Chamma Chamma - China Gate (1998)- Urmila Matondkar

5. Beedi Jalile - Omkara (2006)-Bipasha Basu

4.Kajra Re - Bunty Aur Babli (2005)-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

3. Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo - Dum (2003) - Yana Gupta

2. Chaiya chaiya - Dil Se (1998)-Malaika Arora Khan

1. Munni Badnam - Dabangg (2010) Malaika Arora Khan!!!

Without any Doubt, Malaika is the queen of item songs!!!

Meanwhile there are many more honourable mentions, but were not included as they weren't "technically" item songs, or were a bit too old. We mention them below:

1. Tu Cheez Badi hai Mast - Mohra (1994) Raveena Tandon
2. Tip Tip Barsa pani - Mohra (1994) Raveena Tandon
3. Koi Jaaye to le aaye - Ghatak (1996) Mamta Kulkarni
4. Choli Ke Peeche - Khalnayak (1993) Madhuri Dixit Nene
5. Helen's Item numbers
6. Videos from Kaante(2), Musafir(2), Kaal(1),Dostana(1), Garam Masala(2)

And Before we go, lets check out Sheela once and for all!!!


Dec 2, 2010

Dreamlogs - Dumbledore in a business suit

Have been getting these weird dreams for some time now. I find it amusing that they are all so strange and wonder if they are related in some deep, meaningless sort of way. Anyway all the better for me, as I get more topics to blog on. So provided with enough material, these are gonna be short dreamlogs on the things that make me smile when am asleep :P
Dumbledore in a business suit 
I wake up in a room opposite THE Dumbledore in a business suit. Not only does he have his standard beard attachment, but also seems to have a bird that looks likes it decends from the phoenix and Jack's parrot (from Pirates of the Carribean). The room is in hogwarts I presume, because am more interested in what Dumbledore is gonna ask.
After what seems like ages, he asks me " What do you think the future is going to be in 3 years time?"
And just before I snap out of it, I manage to mumble " Well, for starters, Voldermot is back"
And then am awake, staring at the a vague blurry picture of a ghost at the door, which later turns out to be clothes dangling from the top of the door.
(Did I mention that I was dancing with a certain someone in the paddy fields outside the interview room??)