Just Emkaying: 3 Barbers and December

Dec 19, 2010

3 Barbers and December

I find that the most comforting thing to do when I am utterly frustrated is to go and have a head massage. Its Ironical though, that once the universe has kicked the life outta me, I look forward to a pair of greased hands do the same physically to my head.

It is during one of these tormenting/pleasure sessions, that I found that there are 3 types of head massages you can get, irrespective of the oil, the person or the situation your in.

The tabla /washing machine/ "your skull is mine!!!" massage

The good ol barbers from the land of villages administer this one. My last visit, I had my head almost stretched out of its groove and away from my spinal cord. They treat your head with utter disdain, and their sole objective is to ensure your skull is dented, crushed and beaten into submission.Once you have asked for it, there's no squirming out of it. My brain was sending SOS's to all parts of my body, but they were all jumbled up and I think I passed out before long. This massage is now classified under 3rd degree torture in most countries.

The dainty romance massage

I see that many from the city have gone through this one. More often than not, this massage is a romance and seduction to get that wallet of yours to loose some weight, while all the time massaging that big fat ego of ours, pampered by ample sweet talk and smiling by the barber and his beautiful assistants. ( You've been there, haven't you?) At the end of the day, you walk out of the parlor feeling like James Bond, albeit a poorer one)

The whateva massage

This is a massage where you have given up the fight for a decent head buster, and have resigned your membership of the resistance. Your too old to get a loving massage from your Mum, and Your better half no longer thinks a oil massage is playful way to start the day, or your not married yet... You probably don't have much on your head either. This is the point where you walk into the nearest parlor and ask for a whack on the head as long as it is below a 100 bucks. Or whateva!!!


Traditionally December hasn't been the best of the year for me. This year however it has been specifically painful. Physically and emotionally. So as I get ready to sign off the year, Looking back this year has been better than the last few, but I don't have much more left for that big bang to happen.

Nonetheless, here's wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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