Just Emkaying: 2009

Nov 22, 2009

Status Update-makeup,music and now madira

Hey Blogosphere!!!

Been some time that I wrote on whats happening on my life, so I thought I'd give y all a heads up.

As some of you know and as most of you don't know, I have been working with Loreal for over 2 years. During this period I have learned immensely from an organization known for its class, effectiveness and world class products.

I have also had the good fortune to see the fall and rise of a great giant. We went through tough times, and have taken the bull by the horns and pushed back. I have also reason to believe that the coming year will be a treat for many of our customers in India, especially men ;)

and oh yeah women too!!!

However all said and done, I have moved on. It was a difficult decision to make, and it has taken many a night and dozen pitchers of cool brewed barley to decide. You see, its an awful decision to make when you know the future of the company is bright, and yet somehow intuition tells you that its not going to be the same for you.

Anyway, I had two offers going, one was the company I have currently joined, which at that time hadn't finalized on their choice yet. So I had to join another company which was a Radio company, but then it was a sales job. I had my doubts on whether I'd enjoy the job, because I dint want to work in sales.

Intuition and the pitcher of cool brewed barley helped again, when the Radio job was going terrible, and the other company finally called. And it was a great job and best part- it wasn't sales!!!

Dont't get me wrong. I have nothing against sales, but am just not cut out for it and I'd rather negotiate on promos than prices :)

So finally, I am now in SAB Miller, the worlds leading brewing company aka BEER aka pitchers of cool brewed barley :)

I handle the Trade marketing role for the prime outlets,clubs and all that for a state, with brands like Indus Pride, Fosters and Peroni. Dont be surprised if you see more on beer and Peroni instead of the Garnier Eye roll ons on this blog!!!

To all of you, Thanks for sticking around. It might just get better for you guys!!!

Cheers!!! (And I used to sign of like this even before SAB Miller!!!)

Nov 15, 2009

Delightful encounter part 2

The Environment was very conducive to romantic thoughts. And as I mused about life in general I noticed that it had got dark outside and the window was pretty much reflective. I saw a pretty face looking at me from across the row. I turned quick to face the beautiful thing and she was quick to avert my gaze.

And so it went on for a couple of hours. I looked at her in the window reflection. She would look at me. I would pretend to be dis interested. And then she would look on...and it was kinda cute. I finally decided to take a chance and hatched a plan to create a situation to talk to her.

Our destination was the same. So I decided to drop my purse accidentally just before she got down. Naturally she would want to point it out to me and give me a chance to say hi!

A sudden jerk awoke me from my slumber and I realized I had been dreaming. As I hurried outta my seat and ran down the aisle, a voice called me.

"Excuse me!"

I turned around and saw her calling out to me. It took me 5 seconds to realize I had been staring.

"you left your wallet on the seat"

What? I did? I thought I was dreaming about that.

As I went back to pick the wallet, she crossed me. Her perfume was fantastic. I picked up my wallet and got down the bus to find her, but she was gone. I did a quick run round the bus station, but she was gone.

Dejected, I walked out of the station to catch an auto, and then I saw her sitting in a car. Our eyes met and she smiled and waved as the car passed bye. I could only half raise my hand in return.....


Oct 22, 2009

Delightful encounter...part 1

An amusing incident happened a couple couple of years ago when I was traveling from Bangalore, on my way home for a long weekend. It so happened that being the lazy ass that I am, I couldn't get tickets for the lone bus that stopped at my village.

I tried bribing the ticket agent with all the shampoo and fairness creams he could use, but he dint seem to care much for imported stuff. So I had to settle for a longer route back home, and had to catch a morning bus to Mangalore;Luckily I got a comfortable Volvo.

Usually, it takes about 8 hours to reach Mangalore from Bangalore, and about 3. 6 seconds for me to doze off and snore away in glory of the elephants of Rajpur, but since it was a morning ride I decided to listen to some music. I was hoping Priyanka Chopra would occupy my neighbouring seat, but as luck would have it, a granpa with serious issues came and sat next to me, all the while giving me menacing looks, and nodding his head in disapproval at the linkin park blaring through my iphone.

After an hour or so, I had this beautiful girl get on to the bus and take a seat on the other side of my row. So we were sharing window seats on opposite sides. Though not the one to try stunts, there was always the hope of opportunity that lingers. But since I couldnt see her and the whole dam journey was getting boring, I went off to sleep.

I woke to the sight of coconut trees flashing bye the windows and a slightly....(to be cont'd)

Sep 30, 2009

Sample farewell letter

During my recent Job change/s episode, I have been looking at hundreds of sample resignation/farewell letters and some where honestly funny ones. So I thought why not??!!

Heres a sample farwell letter for you bored,lousy boss,no social life, etc types.

Hi Team

As some of you know, today will be my last day at (company).

I had joined in dd/mm/yyyy, and it has been an eventful 2 years. Not many get the chance to start their careers with (company), and fewer still leave so soon. I am thankful for both.And I hope people dont make the same mistake I did.

At the cost of sounding arrogant, I must say that my best is yet to come. And am sad its not going to be at (company). However of whatever little that am going to miss, I must thank all of you for providing me the right environment to look out for a job and collectively enabling me to take the decision to leave.

Heres wishing you reprise from misery.

Take Care.

Tom Dick Harry.

Sep 26, 2009

Dear Bangaloreans...

After riding my bike in heavy downpour, through waters where no biker would dare to go, I felt it my social responsibility to educate my fellow drivers/riders about certain things. Here goes

For my dear Bikers:

1. I agree you cant see a damn thing when it rains, but that doesnt mean the roads are empty. Dont get into that impression

2. When your already drenched it makes no sense to avoid water. Ur not a "famous four" member to have an invisible shield around yourself

3. Bikes are meant to drive on roads. Not on footpaths, other riders legs, drainages. Stick to roads, or whatever little is left of the roads.

For my dear Car Drivers.

1. The roads are not your ancestoral property/dowry gift/etc. We pay road tax as well, so dont think you own the road.

2. Hit and run is still a crime in India. Yes, even if it rains.

3. When it rains, the roads are a bit difficult to navigate. There are lesser souls like us trying to ride as well.

For my dear Cabbies.

1. Yes I agreed you got the roads as a gift from the IT fraternity, but that doesnt mean you dont come under the Road Transport Act of India.

2. You too don't have licence to hit and run. No. You cant kill either.

3. Dropping your passengers home is important. Dropping them alive and in one piece is more important.

4. When it rains, please avoid acting like your driving a boeing 707. Its still a car and is susceptible to stone throwing from other riders. Like me.

Kindly oblige


Sep 18, 2009

No post. Just blank

PS : This is a blank post. Thats what the title says!!! What you searching for??

Cheers !!!


Jul 28, 2009


Says it all Doesn't it!!!


Jul 23, 2009

Your'e a social networking addict when...

You know your'e a social networking addict when...

1. You try to log into your home instead of using your key

2. You dont laugh anymore. You just say "L-O-L"

3. You have a camera within reach at any time of the day/night

4. The photo on your driving license has a caption under it

5. You dont know what your colleague in the next cubicle is doing, but you know what your pal in Mozambique had for breakfast 30 seconds ago.

6. You feel lonely without a computer/Laptop

7. People all around the world know what your up to every single minute but your parents don't.

8. "Games" no longer needs physical excercise. All YOU need is a mouse

9. The photos and people you most often check out are your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends photos "ONLINE"

10. "Wall" to you has nothing to do with bricks and cement.

11. You love "sharing" without actually giving out anything to anyone!!!

And...your planning to "TYPE" a "COMMENT"

Cheers :)


5 Quick Movie reviews

I don know how many of you will agree with me, but the past few hollywood releases seem to have been real duds...
It all began with the Angels and Demons phenomena..It was so predictable that I had second thoughts..perhaps I was watching a sterotype bollywood movie. I mean so so lame...and before you can say it, NO I havent read the book. It was like I was thinking this would be next probably..and then bang it happens. sheesh!!!

Then came those crazy beasts aka Wolverine. Nice viewing pleaseure, but my Indian movie buffs would nod their heads in agreement if the ending dint look like a typical paresh rawal villain scene. Bad Guy blackmails girl. Girl traps guy. girl plays dead. Villain acts to help the guy. Ruins him instead. Guy finds out....and so on. BLAH!!!

Then came the worst movie of the century. Terminator Salvation. It should have been named Directors salvation. I mean somewhere in between, theres a connor whos lost his senses running up and down in time, and then we have a son father combo who dont seem to be sure of what theyr e supposed to be doing. They also put in a half terminator whos having some moral issues. And finally some nutcase who is incessant on showing the story revolving around ONLY two characters. I mean the director must have got so confused, that he let the whole crew have a shot at the movie making!!!..No action at all...Arnie!!! Come back!!!

Sigh, some of ma friends argue that I have been too demanding. Hell!!! The movies weren't even average. Not a decent sense of suspense in Angels and Demons, No sense and logic, let alone action in Terminator salvation. Anyway Wolverine was the best among the three, and I'd give it a DM Rating of 3.25/5. The rest was thumbs down

Some more movies I did watch though were Ice Age 3. It wasn't as funny as the first two, but with a good enuf story line, animation and the whacky characters it was a good watch. DM Rating of 3.9/5

Now one movie I wouldnt like to comment on would be Harry Potter and the half blood prince. If I look at it purely as a first time harry potter movie goer, it was damn boring. If I look at it from the harry potter-non book-reader yet follower, it wasnt as entertaining as the previous ones, but I know something is cooking in the next part. But for those who'd read all the books ,it would be damn brilliant and one of the best adaptations of the book. I will be fair and give it a DM Rating of 3.95

One movie I couldnt catch was Transformers 2. Somehow Megan Fox dint have the pleasure of me catching the movie...Guess she'll have to wait!!!


Jul 12, 2009

The day my knee went kaput...


It so happened one fine day ("fine is only for graphical usage") that my knee decided to take matters into its own hands...er own legs. or foot, whatever!

Ever since I got a job, my stomach seems to have developed a new appetite for food. It completley disregards the messages my brains sends to it, and I have a doubt my brain is hand-in-glove with my stomach. So, due to the scheme of things, my knee started having to deal with weighty issues, and on the day mentioned above, decided to give up on me.

I heard a slight "twang" while I rested myself on the mattress. I knew that the knee was upto something, and throughout the entire movie of "ICe Age 3" all I could do was twist and turn for a better position and hope for some ice for ma knee.

Surprisingly, it stopped acting up and I was fine for the next two days, when Monday the dang thing decided to show its democratic right of reprsentation in full might by swelling up and hurting like H-E-L-L.

So off I went to the nearest hospital to see this doc who was gonna threaten my knee into submission and get me back to painless days and nights. However the moment I walked into the hospital, I found it infested with tie wearing, bag totting people who I'd never expect to see in a hospital. For a second I thought that the Doctors were on their casual wear day thing, jus like Bangalore's software industries "casual Fridays", were you wear the best casual dressing you have, only to sit in a cubicle in front of desktop screen the whole day. (who are they trying to impress anyway!)

I then realised that these smart dressed people, were medical reprsentatives, who on the pretext of selling medicine, infest the hospitals to give poor ol salesmen like us inferiority complexes.

My doc arrived promptly 15 minutes late on his schedule, and started taking his appointments in twos and threes at a go. I got to go in with a poor ol software chap, who had some major issue with his spine, and the darn thing was planning on getting him on the doc's surgery table.

Meanwhile he motioned me to get ready for inspection, and just then my knee goes blank. The pains gone as if nothing had ever happened. Not to be outsmarted by my own knee, I made sure I got a thorough examination. Somehow the doc felt that the pain was due to some act of the "blah blah blah blah blah" and so we need to "bla h blah blah blah" which would need a X ray.

As I came back after the darn X ray, I was relieved to know that the ol knee was fine, no damage, but since the pain persisted, it could be a "blah blah blah blah" so I might need to go back for a MRI scan and some other stuff.

Enough was enough, I decided to take the knee into my own hands. In the hands of my trusted roomie I plopped my secret weapon. The dreaded "Crepe Bandage". And he prompltly wraped up the guilty knee into coils of tight cloth.

After thus securing the knee in bondage, I am now bombarding it with capsule of drugs. So far ma knee is loosing the fight, thought the thing still has some resistance left. Hopefully with the final attack the coming week, I would have demolished this rise of the knee mutiny for once and for all...

Will keep you posted on the developments of the war between ma knee and maself...

till then


Jun 21, 2009

work work work!!!

Hey y'all...

Due to the current load of work, I havent been posting *sigh*.

Hope to change that soon...

To those of you who been visiting(why?!!)-thanks!!!

To those of you who havent- Come back Puhleazzz!!!

see ya soon!



Apr 16, 2009

The Art of Meditation


I know its been a tough time out there for everyone. The recession is hitting everyone and people are looking for different ways to release the emotional and mental stress and tension.

I have always believed that meditation depends on the individual. After failing miserably at conventional meditation, I have now devised upon a meditation technique which works for me: and I hope works for you.

STATUTORY WARNING: By reading ahead, you agree that you are under control of your senses and know what you are doing. Any action/Reaction/No action are your liability and we will not take any responsibility for the same. If you are looking for serious meditational techniques, google it...

Here we go:

Before we go ahead we need to have some pre requisites. Kindly make sure that you have the following at close range
1. Two bottles of chilled beer (and bottle opener)
2. Vodka (any make)
3. Glasses/Straws depending on the number of Participants

First of all, sit down on the floor in closed seat position. Make sure that you are comfortable and preferably wear loose clothing. I always try being as close as possible to open air source. A terrace would be perfect for you city dwellers.

Now, As you noticed we have taken a few pre requisites with us. Do not think that we are going to enjoy drinking alcohol. No no no. Alcohol is just a measure for improving concentration. (works for me) Make sure the prerequisites are kept on a knee height table, where you can reach them easily.

Now that you are ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breath out. Repeat 5 times.
Concentrate on your breathing. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Feeling better? Now at this point, its best to check if the beer is still chilled. You may ask why. Well the reason being that when you meditate, the energy of the universe is drawn towards you. If your doing it right, then obviously the beer would get warmer because of the energy around you.

Still cold? Well try again. Breath in. Breath out. Repeat 5 times. Check the beer. 
I never could make out if the beer was really chilled inside. Don't take chances. Open the bottle, and have a swig.

Gulp. Gulp. Ah...

Getting a bit warm. Great!!! Your doing it right. Now go ahead and repeat breathing excercise 6 times. 

Feeling better already heh?!! Check the beer. Have a longer drink this time. Feel the beer going down your throat. Feels good right. Thats meditation power.

Now for the second part. 

Breath in through your left nostril. Exhale through your right. Repeat 5 times.

Feeling the energy around you? Can you feel the awareness? Now check on the second bottle of beer. This time make sure you drink at least half of the bottle. This is important to ensure you dont confuse the effect of the first excercise with the second one.

Gulp, Gulp, Ah...

Feeling ligheter right.? The energy is now working with you. Continue the excercise with the opposite nostril. 6 times.

Check on the beel again. 


Make sure you pinish the bottle, because the next excercise is mole complicated and needs ploper attention

Now before you start the next excercise, pour a drink of vodka into the glass. This is in preparation of 3rd excelcise. 

Breath in deep and hold for 3 sec. Now breath out deep and hold for 3 sec. Continue thix times. Now with this excercise, you shud be able to channelize energy into the glass of podka, making it chilled enuf to dlink.

Check the vodka. in one go pleasch.

Gulp, gulp. ah Pill up the glass again.

Now that you are beginning to enjoy the meditation, repeat excercise 3. Breath in. hold. Bread out. Fold.

Theck the vodka. Dlink the vodak in one shot. 

Now that you are getting the bang of it all, do any excercise u want. Bleathe in thru left postril. Fold. Don't tly to get up. 

Oh you got up. Bleathe out through what u can now. Pick boltte o podka. Hick!! Pu to you lips. Check if it is cold yet. no?
Bleath in to to vodka.

Lets try again. Dlink in the vodka, bleath out. No no...not nostil. Pour in mouth..

....still not thold? You have to wulk halder. Piinish.... all bottles of veer and bodka..... teek the kable aside. ....nd get into beld. Don;t exhaust fan your self. take rest. hick!

Again tly tomorowlly...from pirst hick!cercise....Z Z Z Z


Apr 10, 2009

Some more business jargons explained

This is a add on to a Sales jargon explanation I had given some time back on Daily Mirror. It was titled Sales Fundas
  Considering that the recession has hit and many are trying to make head and tail of what they hear and are asked to do, I believed it was my moral duty to continue on explaining these jargon's for the common man. So here goes


A behaviour expected from a employee whereby

he works 36 hours a day to achieve a target which the whole company together believes cannot be achieved. ( which they will not tell you, of course!!!)

Strategic planning

A piece of paper where you right down how you are going to fool your clients in to giving you absurd amounts of business and convince them to pay  more for it as well.

Cost cutting

A scientific procedure where the company tries to reduce expenses and thereby increase profits. This can be calculated using the following formula

Cost savings = No coffee/tea expenses + No travelling expenses + no stationary expenses

Cost cutting = [(YOUR Salary - Cost Savings) - YOUR Incentive - YOUR allowances] + more work + more time spent + more pressure


A weekly activity where the management sitting in Air conditioned halls for 7 hours, complete with state of the art electronic equipment, in cosy la' italia' spine support customised cushion chairs, discussing the early morning golf game, decide that people down the line are not spending enough time working. And thereby remove people other than themselves from their jobs. 

Market share

The percentage of the market that will buy your product, after you increase the price ten fold and make it available only in pack of 100's

Return on investment

An excel sheet that will explain that though the client is loosing money by dealing with you, and that he should probably be throwing you out his office window immediately (he threw you thru the door the last time) it is in his interest to continue as your client and "invest " (pronounced L-
O-S-E) money which he doesn't have and "expect" ( pronounced D-O-O-M-E-D) a guaranteed amount of money ( -3) as an interest in about 3 or 4 decades....

.....by the time which he would have closed down anyway.

and finally


A plot by the upper management into get you to double your efforts, work longer hours, take no breaks, no holidays, no vacations, no overtime allowances,for the same salary or less whereby increasing your "productivity"(pronounced S-L-A-V-E-R-Y) and filling the companies pockets.

PS ( the post is in good humor. Any resemblence to working conditions in any organisation, in any country is purely incidental (HA!) and has not been financed/planned/encouraged by me!!!)

Have a rocking weekend


Apr 8, 2009

Lets twist again!!!

A beautiful old classic....remember this song from my days in Bahrain. Have a look see..

Apr 6, 2009

Why do I blog?

Over the past three days, I have got back to my blogging habits. Basically because my blog is the only place that doesnt remind me of my job. Courtesy to blogger for giving us the opportunity to block or accept ads.

Every channel has an ad of one or the other of my companies brands. Every other store in Bangalore has a hoarding or a poster of one of my companies brands. And every other guy I meet asks me how's work.

So there. Apart from working 36 hours a day, I am constantly reminded that there is some media spend going on, and I'd better make sure that the brand is available in the place where people would like to buy it.

Anyway, so why do I blog....hmmm. I believe so for the following reasons:

1. Steven Speilberg rejected my story. So now I am reduced to blogging

2. My social life is reduced to getting lipsticks and skin creams for my friends, so I hope they read this and get the idea....(PAY ME!!!)

3. Knowing my friends here it is again PAY ME!!!

4. My fingers need excercise, since I have completed playing FIFA09 and punching all those sales figures

5. Blogging is a more evolved form of expression that leads to the release of creative intent that enables me to right rubbish like this and empowers me to talk gibberish to my boss!!!

6. I have become an insomniac. My nightmares begin and end with women who stop using nail paint and mascara.(PS : I work in a cosmetic company)

7.  I blog so as to remember all the other words that I can think of  apart from the one word I hear all day (TARGET)

8. I dread the day that keeping your hair uncloured and grey becomes a fashion

9. I need to keep reminding myself that I can write and talk crap instantaneously and constantly, thereby enabling me to one day write award winning copy for a popular ad

10. I have been approached by the bloggers federation to keep up my bad work, so that others can look good. (Its a talent I have developed over the years...call me)

11. And Finally, someones gotta to know that I have lost all sense and logic, ever since recession hit.

So that's why I blog. If you feel that you can contribute to my blog do the following

For cheques/demand drafts send me a mail
For cash give me a call
For anything else hit the power off button on your computer.

Have a fun tuesday!!!

Cheers :)

Apr 5, 2009

A small objective setting

I hope to make this radical change from left to right soon...target setting for the coming quarters!!! 

(PS cartoons designed by me via South park studios!!!)



Another monday coming up!!!

Sigh...sunday's gone. Another Monday to dread! 

Am one of those people who'd vote for a president who'd declare monday a holiday!!! CAn't say am looking forward to work, but then you have to work for a living and nothing can take away monday from that.

Any way guys, hope you don't share my views..go ahead and have a rocking Monday!!!



A silent Night

There was no one around that night. Usually an ocassional stray would cross over, stopping to stare at new elements on the road or sniff at the peepal tree to mark his territory. This night was eerily quiet.

The wind blew softly, ruffled his hair. Just like she used to, when they first met in college. No more. Under the light of the lamp post, he could see her smile, that which had first drawn him to her. He had always told her that, and she'd laugh it away. The days they spent at the library, playing footsie under the tables, sharing tiffins at the cafteria. She would always bring along something which he liked. A malai kofta or a paneer sabji. Always. 

A car came by. It was a white Maruti 800, and surprisingly came down to a stop in front of him. For a second his heart raced. 2.00 am in the dead of the night, reminded him of horror stories. The window rolled down, and the driver asked him the route to shaam nagar. He pointed them towards the left. The driver mumbled a thanks and drove off, not wanting to prod on as to why a 20 year old sat by alone on the stone bench in the dead of the night.

Then she had stopped. First missing occassionally, and then completley. She no longer looked at him in the adoring way she used to, and their visits to the libraries together ceased. She wouldn't be home when he called her, and her mobile was always busy. There were no more messages and no more late night movies.

Manav stood up and gaze at his watch. It was time. He walked towards the rows of apartments and moved to the one marked nandi apartments. The watchman was fast asleep, and bitto already knew him too well to bark. He pressed the elevator call to the 4th floor. He stepped in and pressed 4. As the lift creaked its way up, he felt no remorse. 

The lift opened with a bing, and he moved down the corridors to the last door on the left. 14A. The one he had been to countless times. Spent memorable nights and lived in for almost half his college days. He pulled out his master key and opened the door with a soft click.

The room was airy. He had opened the windows to let in the air. He din't want Ayesha to be uncomfortable. The soft moonlight entered into the apartment, casting a silver shadow on the sofa. He walked to her bedroom and opened it softly. There she lay peacefully, finally at rest. Her body was still warm, and the blood had stopped flowing from the slit wound. He had done it peacefully and now awaited the confirmation. 

He walked out into the living room, and replaced the photo he had taken earlier. It was a photo of both of them in happier days, when they visited Ooty together. And alone.

He locked the front door. This last journey he dint want to take the elevator. He wanted to savour it. He walked all the way to the fifteenth floor. Slowly. Lighting up a Milds on the way. She hated that. She never liked his smoking and drinking, but it was all done. He walked on to the terrace. It was indeed abeautiful night. Worthy of the moment. As he stood on the railing, he thought of her once more, and left his feet. he fell through the air, falling floors.

....where they had first kissed.... where they had first fought ...

as he neared the end, he could see the white dress of Ayesha standing at the window of 14A. Her clothes stained in blood. She was standing, holding on to the curtain weakened by the wound. But she was alive, her eyes wide in fear and shock as she saw him, falling by...

It was too late for Manav, Her name echoed upon the walls as he shrieked. But it was done. The cold pavement welcomed him. He felt the warm blood. But it was his blood, and it was the end.

Hollywood stars and attitude


During my daily rides around Bangalaore, I listen to a lot of Radio. Especially I love this channel called Radio one. The RJ's are really cool and the music is also Bindaas. 

So last week they had all these Hollywood celebritys come down to celebrate 150 years of Hollywod and I was like super excited to listen to these stars. There was Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jenifer Aniston., though I couldn't listen to Ms Aniston.

Brads interview was kinda ok ok types. He was on with RJ prithvi, who I though tried to bet Brad to open up, but Brad kept boring. Then was Tom, who really sounded like a fun guy. But Will Smith was absolutely outrageous. I didnt expect this guy to be half rude and bloody damn arrogant.

When asked what's different about Hollywood, he says " we make a lot a money, maybe i could buy off a couple of blocks in India. " and says he doesn't think anyones really good in Bollywood, though he likes Sharukh (Chak de)

Somebody shoot the man!!!

Sheesh, the show too was dissapointing, with these stars coming on for 5 min, for a whole 4 hour show!
Talk about hype!

Sigh....maybe next time

happy weekend!

Apr 1, 2009

Blah!!! what a day!

I dont believe in calling a day bad or good. Instead I clasify it as a "sales man day" or a "management day"

Management day

Get up. Give your team a call and motivate them by 7am. Call again in half an hour to ensure they need any help. Call the client to ensure he knows of our new offerings. Check if your team has got the deal done. Meet team in office. Hold an "open meeting" and point out hurdles and ways to step over them. Get some tea to pep up the team. Guide them to try gain. Follow up in the evening to check if they need help. Give them a big opportunity to success. Repeat step one.

Sales day

Get up in the morning to your boss's call. Stare at the watch. 10 am. First thoughts "Run. Run.Run"Then get ready in 5 min. Run. Bike doesnt start. Kick the bike. You hurt your toe. Bike starts. Ride half way. Forgot your bag. Go back. Climb stairs. Open door. Get the damn bag. Lock the door. Double check. Come down 3 flights of stairs. Forgot the helmet inside. Go back up. Repeat everything. Answer phone call from boss. TEll him your in traffic. Then reach venue. To realize your late by an hour. Talk to client.Tell him your boss called a meeting early in the morning. Boss calls client. Your thoughts"Damn." Client tells you to get lost. You come out. Boss calls. He tells you to get back in. You get back in. Client is pissed. You use your secret weapon. Beg. plead. Point your helplessness. Paint your organisation as a sadistic torture camp. Get the deal done.Answer call. Come out. Reach office. Tell your boss of the deal. Boss tells you to get double the amount. makes sure to use his Amitabh Bacchan voice in full view of the office and the chai wala to riddicule you. Throws your ass back to the client. Client tells you to sod off. Answer phone call.You use your ultimate weapon 2. BEG. PLEAD. Repeat. Doesnt work. Go home. Boss calls. Says youve put your best efforts. And hands you a 4 hour presentation to work on to seal a deal the next day.Sleep at 3 am. Repeat from first line.

Now...which day did you have?!!!

Cheers :)

Mar 31, 2009

TSB5 Days going on

Its a strange feeling 

To feel free and yet feel guilty.

To feel scared and yet have faith.

To hope against hope, when all seems lost.

Lost as I was, I was beginning to become braver by the day. I wanted to punish myself, and wanted to just disappear. I wanted to avoid classes just to avoid the misery of facing the famous four. It had been some time now that I had been "delivered" from their hands, given the final punishment so to speak. 

This particular day, I went to college only to find Pretty woman in her element. She was distributing chocolates, and obviously my ego, already vaporised, had nothing left in it to even face her. The moment I went it and saw those foil rapped confectionery, I turned around and went right out. At the moment it dint matter if somebody noticed, or if she noticed or whatever. The objective was to keep a low profile and avoid doing anything conspicuous. As that would immediately bring the attention of the Famous four, (Murali, Somesh, Mohan and another) who wouldn't have a chance in hell to humiliate and rubbish me.

Realising that I dint have the heart to attend any more classes, I went to the nearby pool (the board version!) to play a round of 9 ball. A year ago this would have been a sin for me, but its surprising how times change a man...err a guy. So after loosing  90 bucks and still feeling better than at college, I moved on to work.

To avoid meeting the famous guys after college and to earn a bit,I had joined an after college part time job, in a telephone booth. It belonged to a friend of mine, and while the guy drove his auto rickshaw around in the night, I manned barracks from 5pm to 10pm. In the night he dropped me back, or I walked a mile to reach home. The days I spent at the booth were the days I learnt humility and courage. To look for hope in times when your friends had turned foes, and to believe in a higher being when every corner held a terror.



FEb 24 to March 31

I have been upto one of the most shameful things a fellow lazy bug member can be up to....WORK!!!

Sigh...The past one month has been a big fight. Fight against odds, fight against challenges and fight against recession. Getting customers to buy make up is a tough job...Girls out there..Support Daily mirror!!! Go buy make up and show your solidarity against recession!!!

(I guess the effects of WORK is telling) Apart from a receeding hair line, and greying beard I seem to have picked up some fancy negotiation skills (For the uninitated, thats the skill of telling your parents you'd go to a party and return by 1am, where they actually never let you go in the first place!!!)

So as the days went by, and am sure many of my blogger friends would vouch for, March 09 has been tough for any industry. Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Auto, Manufacturing. You name it. 

Well to those who know what I mean, Hang on. Fight. Don't give up. (Or in the case you get a better job, just let me know if there are any vacancies!!!)

To those who don't know what I am talking about, Forget it. Not worth bothering about.

Anyway, I have half forgotten "The Story" but promise will get it back soon. Am finding it very difficult to get time, but lets see what we can cook up...:) 

People thanks for coming in, even when I haven't been bloggin much. Another useful news, the most searched post on my blog...L'Oreal CASTING CREME GLOSS

Till next enjai madi!!!


Feb 24, 2009

TSB 4 October 26th

Diary Reads

" It was a holiday today. Some strike by the students wing. So I decided that the best thing I can do with my lonesome self was  watch some movies. It was a strange coincidence that the day was also PW's birthday. Something I had strangely forgotten for the first and the last time of my life.

I watched Ssssh and Sakshi, strangely again both the heroines had the same names as PW. Then too it didnt strike me, that it was her birthday. But now that I remember it pains. The giggling, the staring and all the ease with which she phoo phooed the attention she used to get. 

Sometimes I wonder what she used to think of me, one of those strange idiosyncrasies of depressed lovers! Maybe she thought I was a clown or some kind of psychopath. Only my roomies knew how I was crazy for her, but those were the days of the past. I feel like a sissy, writing a diary and all, but God knows how this little book has saved me many a day of grief.

Sigh. Its strange!! I forgot her bday!!! Ha. Well at least I can look forward to change. Theirs no news about the job yet. Hope it come across soon. I cant bear to stay in the presence of Murali, thank God he comes so rarely. I hope this book remains my secret, I shudder to think of it falling in the wrong hands. I make sure I lock it in my suitcase every day. Ha Someday the diary might become a novel!!!

College tomorrow. Another day of misery. Goodnight buddy"

Feb 15, 2009

TSB 3 A lesson in kindness

Every morning I used to wake up, only to hope that I would be alone in my room. That I could have the peaceful beginning to the morning. There were three of us sharing the room, and as usual and luckily for mr Murali wouldnt be home the previous night.

As the early morning chill wafted in through the windows, I could hear the kids getting ready for school in my neighbours place. The Kannada daily would be at our doorstep, and I'd read it like there was nothing better I could do at that point of time, scanning the papers for a part time job. A part time job that would take away the extra hours of my life which I spent after college, listening and bearing constant rebukes and taunts from people I had once considered my own.

As luck would have it, I couldnt find any job. After a quick blast from the icy cold shower, I'd grab a bite and leave for college, deliberately timed to reach exactly a minute after the first hour bell would ring. I would sit at the last bench, silently ignoring the snickers and jibes. I spent all the intervals rushing to the library, scanning for imaginary books and pretending to have become studious. In the rare event I did speak to someone, it would be the guys from the front benches, the nerds as I had once termed them. They were completley oblivious to the circumstances I was in

I realized in such times that these nerds were also people. People with feelings. I realized how it felt to be singled out. We never mingled with the front benchers. But as I spoke to them with a faint hope of forgiveness from a higher authority, I knew my eyes were opened to all the people around me, and all my prejudices were leaving me.

One of my conversations was a real eye opener

Raesh ( a nice chap, although a bit over the top for examination preparation) : Hi, how come your in the library?

Me: Well I was searching for Business studies by Raghuram(I was bluffing. I never heard of a Raghuram, and I hardly knew if I had business studies that sem)

Ramesh: Oh, Is that in our syllabus?

Me: I wanted some general information. And are you searching for something

Ramesh: Ya I came to borrow some extra books, for last years paper reports. I have some prep Questions, you can have them if you like

It wasn't the first time a front bencher had offered help. They always did. I had considered it a desperate plea from them to be accepted as part of the more regular crowd. 

Me : uh, I don know. I hardly prepare so early. Maybe you should carry on.

Ramesh : Ya sure. I'll catch ya around

I burried my head into the magazines in front of me, avoiding all eye contact with anyone around. A few minute later Raghu was back.

Ramesh : Hey here take this...(he handed me a book, and believe me it was a Business Studies text book, written by Raghuram!!!)

Me: Hey, where did you find it? (was all I could mumble, shocked that there even was such a book)

Ramesh: Well it was in the aisle next to the history section. Guess it was misplaced.

Me : Gee thanks. 

Ramesh : No big deal. And here are the prep questions, I got an extra copy. Keep them in case you might need them.

Me: Uh Okay. 

I took in how Ramesh was at that moment. Coming from a poor background, he was struggling to get a scholarship that would take care of his education. He had a chappal on, a neatly pressed yellow shirt which wasnt tucked in to his dark brown pant. A combination enough to make him a butt of many a joke. 

His hair shone brightly, the crop was flat with oil splashed on in generous quanitites.

Just then, the Librarian turned up behind him. 

Librarian : "Ramesh!!! Were are the books you borrowed last week? You havent even paid up the late fees for the outstanding books. Plus you put another book on your tab today? I am stopping all your books today, until you return the books and pay up your dues."

Ramesh: Sir, please. I will pay up in a week. Sir Please dont stop my book loans. I cant get through my exams withought it.

Librarian: No. I need the fees today. Else you can give back the books. You will also take any more books on payment, till you return the books you borrowed.

Ramesh was on the verge of tears. I didnt want to interfere.

Ramesh: Sir please. I will pay what I have now. And return the books in a week. I need to copy some more pages.

Librarian: No. The money today and the books tommorrow. Else you can meet the principal and sort the issue.

Ramesh was now in sobs. He pulled out his pocket notepad. In between those soiled pages, was a carefully folded ten rupee note. Most probably his lunch money. He handed them to the librarian, who entered it in his book register. He handed him a two rupee coin back.

Ramesh: Sir I have borrowed one more book. Please let me have it for today.

Librarian: Am sorry Ramesh. But I cant do that. Please get the pending books tommorrow. And you can borrow any book tommorrow. Else pay up now for the book you want to have.

By now I was bored of this conversation. I had enough to think about than worry about Ramesh and his problems. I went back to my magazine. In a few minutes I saw Ramesh leave, his chappals slapping across the floor tiles.

It was almost time to leave. I picked up the book Ramesh had given me and walked over to register it. The Librarian gave me a look that resembled that of an alien. I was somewhat of an alien to this archive of books. I ignored him as I picked up the register.

I searched for book's reference card but it was already removed. I checked with the Librarian. He went in to check if the reference card and indeed been registered already.

I turned the pages lazily, and saw Ramesh's account. It had dues to the tune of almost every book for that semester. I always thought these guys were nerds, but It became clear to me that It wasn't extra books they wanted. They just couldnt afford their own copies. Every mad dash to the Library was their effort at securing a book for themselves, out of the limited copies. It was their only hope of being able to cope. As I scrolled down, I saw "Business Studies- Raghuram"
scribbled. He mus have taken a copy for himself, hearing about it from me.

The Librarian came out- "Fancy that! The book has been registered in your name!"

Ramesh had registered the book in my name. He got the book for me. 

It took some time to sink in.

I thought of the Innumerous times Ramesh must of felt the pang of having to return a book to the library when the exams were around the corner. He'd just copy the entire book by hand, because he couldnt afford a photo copy. And he'd never want someone to feel what he felt. So he never took the book from me. He just paid up whatever he had left so that I, a no good useless fellow, who hardly knew such a book existed could have the peace of "studying" without any hassels.

I walked out as fast as I could. The tears were running now. I wasnt sure if it were for Raghu's kindness or for my stupidity. I was bearing a cross which wasnt mine to bear, but in the process I was realizing how blind and naive I was, and the extent of the ignorance my ego had brought upon me.

Feb 13, 2009

TSB 2 23 Nov

Diary reads 23 Nov

" Hi. Wanted to go to a movie with Danny today, But cancelled it as it was all Stupid movies. As soon as class was over I went to the Library as soon as I got a break. Then went home. Lunch.Slept. Saw some Kannda movie on TV. I dont think I can go to any fest this semester. My relationship with "him" is still flat. Well its good in one way. Either talk or dont talk. Being in the middle is only a larger problem. Nothing much to do these days. I just asked myself. at this stage of my life, was there anyone left on myside, whom I could depend on. The answer was too difficult to hear. Raju sir seems to be ignoring me these days along with our Garden project. Guess he too feels good riddance.

I miss Roshan. Things were good when he was around. Being a senior is not easy. If what I did was so bad, then I will suffer more. But I know I did not. I just retaliated. Forget it. A Man reaps the seeds he sows. So far I am okay with Somesh. Time to sleep. Goodnight."

NOTE: Dear readers, The Story Book 2 is a look into the future and theres a gap in between Book 1 and Book 2. The "in betweens" shall be revealed in Book 3. Thanks!!!

Feb 12, 2009

THE STORY BOOK 2 Chapter 1(TSB 1)

Diary Reads 21 Nov

"Even to write the first page in my diary, I am having mixed feelings. But I have nothing left and this my hope. According to my horoscope, everything will improve from the month of November but nothing seems to be happening. I am happy that I have no guilt in my heart, but there's this constant fear of doing something wrong, a fear that something will happen to my parents. Today was akka's (cousin sister) marriage. I went. Guess Dad will have to shell out some money.

I did not get the job in the Phone booth yet. However I am still trying for it. Am absolutely confused about my future. MBA? CA? or to Join Dad. The business has been quite dull. Dad doesn't listen to anything I say. So much of monetary constraints. Sahdev anna(elder cousin brother) is so cool. Did his diploma, then his engineering and next an international MBA. He's just so dynamic, something I always thought I'd become.

I don't know if I will ever become something. Just turning out to be a looser. I read something about potential tapping. Guess that's all I can do now. How did it all come to this...

Going for supper. Nothing more to write. Goodnight."

Feb 8, 2009

Blogosphere is down?

Well 2009 is over by a month, and by the look of it february seems rolling on pretty fast too.  What I seem to have observed is that the regular bloggers that I used to read seemed to have suddenly slowed down on their blogging (that includes me) and the bloggers who used to blog rarely have seemed to pick up their pace and started bloggin alost on a daily basis.

This is surprsing to know, because there were a number of issues which happended in January, like "the Obama", the constant tensions and harrasments in Mangalore, Recession, Pink slips, "Raju raj Satyam" and so on. Somehow everyones seems to be busy, I know I have been busy. hmmm Blogosphere is feeling the brunt of Recessionary trends I must say!!!

WEll I thought maybe I should pick on my "one post for two days" average and carry on blogging for the coming days. For all my ambitious plans of reviewing movies has gone to the bins, Especially since I have hardly seen any movie, let alone the new ones! 

Slumdog Should have been a dedicated post but that again as taken a back seat to the work pressures everyone in Blogosphere is facing.

Anyway, heres to more frequent blogging!!!

Cheers :)

Jan 30, 2009

TS 18 Now What

The days passed on slowly...the vacation was a long one. We were back in college in no time, and the few that came late were back by a day or two. Except of course Murali, with his trade mark style had something more "valuable in life" or whatever. While during the time the class seemed to be in a unique unity.

Our class was considered the most promising one, at the same time we were the face of trouble. The criminal minds at work were some where else, but ultimately we were the ones who stepped forward to garner the attention, and get busted in the process. Not that I participated in this bravado in any way other than moral support.

While Murali was gone, I had made up my mind to take thing s in my own hands. I patched up with the people I had put in the backburners. 

The hot topic at that time was preparation for Entrance exams for MBA. We were all overwhelmed by the term MBA. It was a magic word, a word that inspired us to do crazy acts of hardwork and determination, to read and work out mathematics like it was an act of survival...memorizing words and their antonyms,synonyms and all the myms you could think of.

For us MBA was the road to a happy, hep, all prevailing job, guaranteeing money (which we were broke on) lifestyle (chappals to college) and girlfriends(which I wasnt sure off). But Yes, It was like being able to touch a dream world.

Being in the first year, we would only write the Heavenly CAT in the third year, but somehow we got caught up in taking classes through the summer vacations. Which were a couple of months to go. But we lost no time in giving the necessary Gyaan to our classmates, trying to buck up popular opinion (Just to make sure we were doing the  right thing)

Meanwhile, people started feeling the good spirit which rose out of no where, and the common thing seemed to be the absence of Murali. 

"He is a bloody flirt, thinks he is a hero"

"He wants all the limelight, and cant bear it if he doesnt get it"

"Let him come back, we will stop all his hero'giri'"

Everyone had a view on him, and so did I. I confided in Mohan, about the incident just before Murali went, and he too shared that the bugger wasnt more a rascal than what he seemed. 

Murali did come back eventually, but somehow everyone gave him the slient treatment. No body wanted to talk to him, nobody wanted to be seen near him. And some were outright blunt with him. So he turned out to be a hermit. Coming when he wanted, talking to the girls when he wanted something and generally hanging out with the seniors, which again dint win him any brownie points..

Over this time I had only grown fonder of PW, I rarely spoke to her, hardly knew her and yet my undying devotion kept growing. Anything starting with the letter of her name, found its way into my purse,or bag. The same was scribbled over my desk.It had become a open secret that I had the stars in my eyes for her..everyone knew it except her of course.

Mohan kept trying and I guess seema did too, but nothing much was happening on any front..

It was the calm before the storm.

Jan 21, 2009

Trip to Mysore!

On sunday the gang went for a trip to Mysore!!! It was awesome. WE left at 7 am in the morning. We took the mysore road for a long drive to Our first stop. That is for breakfast.

The very famous Renukamba Thatte Idli, which was over at Bidri. As expected this place was absolutely crowded with a huge Q in the front of the store. 

A couple of Idlis and vades later we were on our way to the next destination, Srirangpatna. This place is famous for Tippu's palace and the Ranganathswamy temple. Ranganathswamy temple is a temple of Lord Vishnu in a sleeping posture, which is very rare to find. In addition to the posture, the idol is quite large, taking almost the entire space of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

I bought a beautiful stone sculpture of Lord Buddha (Check the snaps) for 200 bucks. From therewe went to have a look at Tippu's Jail, also called as Col Baileys Dungeon. Its about a storey and half under ground level. 

From there the next stop was the Dariya Dalaut, which is a summer palace of Tippu, which is COMPLETLEY Made of WOOD. So delicate that photography was not allowed inside the palace.

By now we were getting hungry so we headed towards Mysore to grab lunch. We decided to go to Lalith Mahal, which is actually a Palace converted to a Hotel. The place was fancy, but we decided against eating there, and went into the heart of Mysore to grab a meal.

We went to the Mysore Zoo next, but in the initial part we were more interested in staring at an awesome chick!!! We were so enamored by her that we were just staring (Guys!!??!!) at her. Somehow we missed her while checking out the tigers. (No wonder you wont find a lot of snaps of the beginning of the zoo!!!) anyway she dint turn up on the cameras, so tough luck. :p

The Zoo was not in the best shape, especially since last years poison deaths that took place in the zoo. The zoo is also not funded by the Government so it was a bit offa dissapointment. 

We made it to the famous Vrindavan Gardens, right by the KRS Dam by then. The Vrindavan Gardens are famous for its beautiful Fountains and the musical, light coordinated Fountains. But we couldnt wait to watch the Musical fountains. Again the view from the Dam is awesome. But due to a security threat they have stopped visitors on the dam.

By then it wa time to caboodle back home. So we were off, stopping by at Mcdonalds for Dinner. There is a Cafe coffee day at Madur, and one more after a little while, not to mention the Barista lavazza and Mc dees.

Overall it was a nice trip and we had a super time!!!






Jan 16, 2009

The Sixth Sense

CAll me Crazy, but I have some strange beliefs. Or experiences.

Sometime in my life, I had gone Vegetarian for almost a year. And during this time I experienced a more "Aware" kind of existence. I got less irritated, less bugged up and less bored. I could just sit for hours and still feel content. 

I have always had a strong sixth sense. OR at least I felt it was strong. I'd see something in a dream and it invariable happened similarly, maybe in a week maybe in a year. And this sense was very strong when I was a vegetarian.

I fell ill recently, so I was off all kinds of foods, including meat and fish as well as alcohol. So it must have been around 10 days since I had a proper meat filled meal! But today the strangest thing happened.

I was on my route to a store. There was a two way lane, where both lanes were used to travel in the same direction. I usually take the wrong lane, as the traffic is blocked from the other end. 

Today just 5 min from that particular stretch of Road, Something in ma head told me "NO" to that road. I mean it was like just dont go on that lane today. So just to satisfy myself that I was over reacting to some random thoughts, I took the proper lane. I looked on to the wrong lane and saw nothing problematic. I was just giving up, I saw a huge traffic cop set up at the end of lane, checking the vehicles. And I suddenly realised my documents were not up to date. In all probability, if that voice dint warn me, I would have been caught.

Similar incidents happened thrice in the day, and all were related to traffic cops!!!

One signal I was half way in to the turn, when the red light flashed. Usually I would have passed but I stopped. Sure enough on the other side there were cops.

Again on another signal, a guy in front of me slowed down and got me stuck in a yellow light, which again I would have passed usually. But I stopped. Beleive me or not, the cops on the other end caught the guy in front of me!!!

Guess I had a good traffic day!!!


Jan 14, 2009

Nokia 5800 v/s I phone

Ok before you guys think I am showing off cos I gotta an i phone, let me make it clear that this post is inspired by the hopeless and careless attitude thrown by nokia sales guys in their stores.

First of all, I was wondering why the I phone costs so much...nothing spectacularly different apart from the superb touch screen and billions of applications. The bluetooth doesnt connect to most devices, and features like forwarding messages are missing. But still the phone is a real beauty and their is nothing that I know can match its finger sensitive screen.

Or So I thought...

Being a huge fan of Nokia and its handsets, I usually check their latest offering on the net and the stores spread acroos Bangalore.

I dropped in today to check out the Nokia Express 5800 the touch screen phone from Nokia. Supposedly the crowd breaker in the touch screen handheld departments. While I went in, I just enquired about the phone. I asked him how the phone was in comparison to the i phone, and he said "FAR Better". Now this took me by surprise and I moved on to see the live demo of the 5800.

Believe me, it took 3 screen taps to get to the menu. I was already loosing patience, on tapping repeatedly to get the applications running. 5min and dozen taps later, I was no longer bothered to check out the 5800. ITs been a dissapointment to me so far.

Another fact being, most of the nokia (or any brand for tat matter) guys seem to have absolutely no idea about the mobile details apart from camera, wi fi, email, memory and music player. They dont know about detailed features like, camera focus or internet speeds or software versions or compatibility with devices. And the way they explain about the phones is more of a "take it if you want it" kinda attitude.

Strange. I dont know if its just me or is something wrong here.. IT s been a while since I held a nokia and I was kinda looking forward to buying a Nokia. Dont see that happening anywhere soon now...


Jan 12, 2009

TS 17: ITs Begun

I stood watching him go. From my room. I stood in shock. Unable to talk, unable to comprehend what happened. Unable to understand why I just listened to disgusting insults that made my spine shiver. Unable to explain the imprint of five fingers and a palm on my cheek...

A slap that changed my life.

Beyond recognition, beyond expectation and beyond everything.

As I stood on my porch, I became intensly aware of my surroundings. The rustling of the dry leaves strewn on the playground ahead of me. The water flowing silently, making a gurgling sound in the newly constructed water duct. I must have stood there for an hour, just trying to take in what happened...

what happened...

It started off with another of the fests, and Mohan, Murali, Seema, Pw, Seema and the gang were in attendance. What had happened was actually weird. We had lost in the most pathetic way ever, and a team from some college in Mangalore had won.  During the post victory celebration party, Murali was insistant on celebrating with the Mangalore team, where he had made some friends. Which obviously did not make sense to me. 

It was already late and most of the girls wanted to go back, and some had already left. I was and still am a hardcore team player, and loosing wasnt a celebration factor for me. But Murali's insistance and emotional blackmail got me to the damn hotel. While most of the others left. Needless to say I had the feeling I was going to get the credit for the same as well. 

And I did. All the way home Murali explained to me what a useless piece of baggage I was, and how he was doing the greater thing in tolerating me. Somehow I had enough of this crap, and I just shut up and allowed his incessant rambling to go on. He went on and on, and told me that I was never gonna hook up with Pw and that was the last straw for me.

Early next morning I made up my mind that Murali ceased to exist for me. I just dint want to be part of this "comraderie" anymore. And I told him point blank the next day. Strangely he took it well. Or so I thought.

He came back to my room in the afternoon on the pretext of picking up some books. He was leaving for the vacations, and I didnt mind much anyway. 

When we reached home, he started off with an ironic and sadistic smile.

Murali- People like you are a virus to society.

Me- ha ha...(I thought he'd go into another of his societal concepts now)

Murali-look at yourself. laughing. Dont have the balls to do anything. Laugh go on.

Me- (I just stared on. All of a sudden I was getting very uncomfortable. Strange)

Muralis mind games went on and on. Hitting me with every phrase like poison tipped arrows.And then all of a sudden...

Murali- Dont worry, its not your fault. Its in your blood. U deserve worse. 

And then came the slap. It was a taunt to me. A challenge to prove him wrong. And I dint rise to it. Even at that moment I could help but admire the way he played his cards. A master strategist. 

I learnt my first lesson then and there itself. Never trust someone so completely and entirely that they have the power to hurt you without even doing anything. I had trusted Murali with everything. I had even left my tried and tested buddies, in a race to catch up with my future. Or what I thought was the future.

While my present was hurting and burning with rage as he left, my sub conscious told me this was just the beginning of a long war. 

Murali had just won the first battle hands down. 

The iphone review



I thought since its been a looong time gone, I'd warm up by writing a tiny review on the i phone, which my company has awarded me for being the laziest bum in 2008.

Well the phone ranks high on awe value. It is the most beautiful phone I have seen, in terms of clean edges, non protuding side keys, and almost non existent keypad. 

The whole caboodle starts of with your gsm sim card, after which you have to download the itunes software from the net. Install the set up and connect your iphone, and viola the whole thing starts and comes to life. 

However the real fun begins now. In order for your to download "FREE" applications from itunes (mine not being a jailbreaked/hacked phone yet) you need to register to the itune store...WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!

Being a non engineer and anti online trust that I have in these things, I refused to register, only to bow down to the mighty itune application registration form the next day;after the imagine store confirmed that you need to register even for the free stuff!!!

Anyway...for some reason Vodafone guys dont seem to know what they are doing, while the stor tells me to send some crazy messages, which the server responds to by sending me a message in return; the call centre doesnt even know some thing call iphone activation exists!!!

So in all am not able to use the GPRS/EDGE/Internet facility these guys use yet, which again is a vital component to enjoy the i phone features completley. 

As known the blue tooth sucks bigtime, as does the non message forwardability. Camera is decent, music is ipod standard, video playback is good too.
But the best part is the pure pleasure in touching the huge screen adn flipping it around. The games are cool, with having to turn the phone around to use it as a steering.

Well overall, looking at it in a neutral view I'd say its a pretty slick phone, feels good to have it in your hand...apart from the fact it costs 30k!!!


Jan 8, 2009

Like I said!!! am Right

Hello people.

I am write this post with an air of arrogance (bear v/s Salmon). 


Well, to start off I was very confident of Susans predictions at Astrology Zone, which I have been following ever since 2006, when her astrology pin pointed some historical moments of my life. And I was awe struck.

I have been rambling about how 2009 is going to be my year, and being an aquarian thats a huge statement to make. But that was all based on Susan's predictions. And believe me or not, as predicted that health would be a concern in the first few days of the month, only to turn miracles quickly, heres the proof.

On Friday, I took ill to fever. And was absolutelty in no condition to wake up, let alone the national conference that I had to attend on monday in Mumbai. 

Not only did I attend the conference, I came back WINNING AN IPHONE!!! for some sales event that had been organized previously in the year!!! so there!!!

I had a taken a break for sometime. Felt I was using too much of the phone and the net. So now am back, taking it easy.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest all of you check out www.astrologyzone.com 

Its a brilliant site, if you like a bit of sneek peak reviews of your future!!!

Happy gazing! 


Jan 1, 2009

TS 16 Somethings not right...

As we walked up to the classroom, I could feel my 6th sense tingling. I have always had a strong 6th sense, I could expect things to happen, and most of the time it did. Not that I could prophesise things.

Somesh and me took our time. Crossing with deliberate steps across the basketball court, looking at the juniors shooting hoops with the new basketballs in the PT room. They were very much aware of our presence, nodding in our direction as we crossed. We stood at the side lines for a few seconds, and then moved on.

It was obvious Somesh and me would patch up; we always did, sooner or later. And I had more of a need to be with friends than before. My super friend Murali had been giving me problems. And my inflated ego was being bruised and I wasnt being able to digest the fact that someone could point out my imperfections.

It had all started with the college fests and the Pw issue. Murali wasnt a saint, that was obvious. He also had an equally big ego, and it began showing with his ignoring the rest of the "gang" and hobnobbing with the girls. I would say it wasnt an intention, but that was his nature. Where he dint get anything, he dint want to spend time.

That was where his problem with me had started. His estimation of my prowess in many things was way way overestimated. And slowly and suddenly he began to feel that I wasnt helping him out in his overall scheme of things. He couldnt understand that there were somethings which I had a natural talent for, and were nt a part of any disciplined practice. We had many quarrels, at the end of which, he always convinced me that I was doing something wrong and was injust. It was the first time in my life someone was walking over me at will, and I could do nothing about it. 

I would have tried confiding in Somesh. But somehow I dint feel he would understand the stakes, the mind games that were going on, and the whole issue in totality. Though I did tell Mohan, and it didnt make much of an impact on his peanut sized brain!!!

As easy as Murali was dominating me, I was similarly blaming myself and my weaknesses. Half of my problems were because I liked the guy, I found that raging spirit to achieve in him. And the other half was my dependency on him to help out with getting to Pw. So I had made matters worse by blurting out everything about me to him.Murali had a habit of getting what he wanted, and he had built a close relationship with Roshan through me, therby getting vital support for his actions thru Roshan, who was also a super senior. 

But unlike me, the others in the class werent as dependent on him. People couldnt take his attitude throwing, smart ass comments. His views on most of the things were outright unacceptable to the rest of the class, and other batchmates. And in ways they were blaming him for trying to make the "english" speaking people into a seperate group in itself. 

Along the way, rumors were spreading thick and fast. And there were some of the "uncool" gang who had girl friends;Who always told them how "Murali the great" was berating them as cheap, dirty rascals, who had nothing to do than flirt around and boast about it. Tempers were rising, and I was becoming aware of it. But Murali always downplayed it. He never shared what he was up to with me, or anyone for that matter. His chattering with Pw drew me cazy with jealousy and irritation, but I could only hope it was for my good.

It was only a matter of time before the bubble blew, and it wasnt going to be long. In fact it happened sooner and began with me.