Just Emkaying: TSB 4 October 26th

Feb 24, 2009

TSB 4 October 26th

Diary Reads

" It was a holiday today. Some strike by the students wing. So I decided that the best thing I can do with my lonesome self was  watch some movies. It was a strange coincidence that the day was also PW's birthday. Something I had strangely forgotten for the first and the last time of my life.

I watched Ssssh and Sakshi, strangely again both the heroines had the same names as PW. Then too it didnt strike me, that it was her birthday. But now that I remember it pains. The giggling, the staring and all the ease with which she phoo phooed the attention she used to get. 

Sometimes I wonder what she used to think of me, one of those strange idiosyncrasies of depressed lovers! Maybe she thought I was a clown or some kind of psychopath. Only my roomies knew how I was crazy for her, but those were the days of the past. I feel like a sissy, writing a diary and all, but God knows how this little book has saved me many a day of grief.

Sigh. Its strange!! I forgot her bday!!! Ha. Well at least I can look forward to change. Theirs no news about the job yet. Hope it come across soon. I cant bear to stay in the presence of Murali, thank God he comes so rarely. I hope this book remains my secret, I shudder to think of it falling in the wrong hands. I make sure I lock it in my suitcase every day. Ha Someday the diary might become a novel!!!

College tomorrow. Another day of misery. Goodnight buddy"

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