Just Emkaying: Blogosphere is down?

Feb 8, 2009

Blogosphere is down?

Well 2009 is over by a month, and by the look of it february seems rolling on pretty fast too.  What I seem to have observed is that the regular bloggers that I used to read seemed to have suddenly slowed down on their blogging (that includes me) and the bloggers who used to blog rarely have seemed to pick up their pace and started bloggin alost on a daily basis.

This is surprsing to know, because there were a number of issues which happended in January, like "the Obama", the constant tensions and harrasments in Mangalore, Recession, Pink slips, "Raju raj Satyam" and so on. Somehow everyones seems to be busy, I know I have been busy. hmmm Blogosphere is feeling the brunt of Recessionary trends I must say!!!

WEll I thought maybe I should pick on my "one post for two days" average and carry on blogging for the coming days. For all my ambitious plans of reviewing movies has gone to the bins, Especially since I have hardly seen any movie, let alone the new ones! 

Slumdog Should have been a dedicated post but that again as taken a back seat to the work pressures everyone in Blogosphere is facing.

Anyway, heres to more frequent blogging!!!

Cheers :)

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