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Jan 30, 2009

TS 18 Now What

The days passed on slowly...the vacation was a long one. We were back in college in no time, and the few that came late were back by a day or two. Except of course Murali, with his trade mark style had something more "valuable in life" or whatever. While during the time the class seemed to be in a unique unity.

Our class was considered the most promising one, at the same time we were the face of trouble. The criminal minds at work were some where else, but ultimately we were the ones who stepped forward to garner the attention, and get busted in the process. Not that I participated in this bravado in any way other than moral support.

While Murali was gone, I had made up my mind to take thing s in my own hands. I patched up with the people I had put in the backburners. 

The hot topic at that time was preparation for Entrance exams for MBA. We were all overwhelmed by the term MBA. It was a magic word, a word that inspired us to do crazy acts of hardwork and determination, to read and work out mathematics like it was an act of survival...memorizing words and their antonyms,synonyms and all the myms you could think of.

For us MBA was the road to a happy, hep, all prevailing job, guaranteeing money (which we were broke on) lifestyle (chappals to college) and girlfriends(which I wasnt sure off). But Yes, It was like being able to touch a dream world.

Being in the first year, we would only write the Heavenly CAT in the third year, but somehow we got caught up in taking classes through the summer vacations. Which were a couple of months to go. But we lost no time in giving the necessary Gyaan to our classmates, trying to buck up popular opinion (Just to make sure we were doing the  right thing)

Meanwhile, people started feeling the good spirit which rose out of no where, and the common thing seemed to be the absence of Murali. 

"He is a bloody flirt, thinks he is a hero"

"He wants all the limelight, and cant bear it if he doesnt get it"

"Let him come back, we will stop all his hero'giri'"

Everyone had a view on him, and so did I. I confided in Mohan, about the incident just before Murali went, and he too shared that the bugger wasnt more a rascal than what he seemed. 

Murali did come back eventually, but somehow everyone gave him the slient treatment. No body wanted to talk to him, nobody wanted to be seen near him. And some were outright blunt with him. So he turned out to be a hermit. Coming when he wanted, talking to the girls when he wanted something and generally hanging out with the seniors, which again dint win him any brownie points..

Over this time I had only grown fonder of PW, I rarely spoke to her, hardly knew her and yet my undying devotion kept growing. Anything starting with the letter of her name, found its way into my purse,or bag. The same was scribbled over my desk.It had become a open secret that I had the stars in my eyes for her..everyone knew it except her of course.

Mohan kept trying and I guess seema did too, but nothing much was happening on any front..

It was the calm before the storm.

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