Just Emkaying: Trip to Mysore!

Jan 21, 2009

Trip to Mysore!

On sunday the gang went for a trip to Mysore!!! It was awesome. WE left at 7 am in the morning. We took the mysore road for a long drive to Our first stop. That is for breakfast.

The very famous Renukamba Thatte Idli, which was over at Bidri. As expected this place was absolutely crowded with a huge Q in the front of the store. 

A couple of Idlis and vades later we were on our way to the next destination, Srirangpatna. This place is famous for Tippu's palace and the Ranganathswamy temple. Ranganathswamy temple is a temple of Lord Vishnu in a sleeping posture, which is very rare to find. In addition to the posture, the idol is quite large, taking almost the entire space of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

I bought a beautiful stone sculpture of Lord Buddha (Check the snaps) for 200 bucks. From therewe went to have a look at Tippu's Jail, also called as Col Baileys Dungeon. Its about a storey and half under ground level. 

From there the next stop was the Dariya Dalaut, which is a summer palace of Tippu, which is COMPLETLEY Made of WOOD. So delicate that photography was not allowed inside the palace.

By now we were getting hungry so we headed towards Mysore to grab lunch. We decided to go to Lalith Mahal, which is actually a Palace converted to a Hotel. The place was fancy, but we decided against eating there, and went into the heart of Mysore to grab a meal.

We went to the Mysore Zoo next, but in the initial part we were more interested in staring at an awesome chick!!! We were so enamored by her that we were just staring (Guys!!??!!) at her. Somehow we missed her while checking out the tigers. (No wonder you wont find a lot of snaps of the beginning of the zoo!!!) anyway she dint turn up on the cameras, so tough luck. :p

The Zoo was not in the best shape, especially since last years poison deaths that took place in the zoo. The zoo is also not funded by the Government so it was a bit offa dissapointment. 

We made it to the famous Vrindavan Gardens, right by the KRS Dam by then. The Vrindavan Gardens are famous for its beautiful Fountains and the musical, light coordinated Fountains. But we couldnt wait to watch the Musical fountains. Again the view from the Dam is awesome. But due to a security threat they have stopped visitors on the dam.

By then it wa time to caboodle back home. So we were off, stopping by at Mcdonalds for Dinner. There is a Cafe coffee day at Madur, and one more after a little while, not to mention the Barista lavazza and Mc dees.

Overall it was a nice trip and we had a super time!!!






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