Just Emkaying: The Sixth Sense

Jan 16, 2009

The Sixth Sense

CAll me Crazy, but I have some strange beliefs. Or experiences.

Sometime in my life, I had gone Vegetarian for almost a year. And during this time I experienced a more "Aware" kind of existence. I got less irritated, less bugged up and less bored. I could just sit for hours and still feel content. 

I have always had a strong sixth sense. OR at least I felt it was strong. I'd see something in a dream and it invariable happened similarly, maybe in a week maybe in a year. And this sense was very strong when I was a vegetarian.

I fell ill recently, so I was off all kinds of foods, including meat and fish as well as alcohol. So it must have been around 10 days since I had a proper meat filled meal! But today the strangest thing happened.

I was on my route to a store. There was a two way lane, where both lanes were used to travel in the same direction. I usually take the wrong lane, as the traffic is blocked from the other end. 

Today just 5 min from that particular stretch of Road, Something in ma head told me "NO" to that road. I mean it was like just dont go on that lane today. So just to satisfy myself that I was over reacting to some random thoughts, I took the proper lane. I looked on to the wrong lane and saw nothing problematic. I was just giving up, I saw a huge traffic cop set up at the end of lane, checking the vehicles. And I suddenly realised my documents were not up to date. In all probability, if that voice dint warn me, I would have been caught.

Similar incidents happened thrice in the day, and all were related to traffic cops!!!

One signal I was half way in to the turn, when the red light flashed. Usually I would have passed but I stopped. Sure enough on the other side there were cops.

Again on another signal, a guy in front of me slowed down and got me stuck in a yellow light, which again I would have passed usually. But I stopped. Beleive me or not, the cops on the other end caught the guy in front of me!!!

Guess I had a good traffic day!!!


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