Just Emkaying: September 2010

Sep 30, 2010

Shocking News : Humpty Dumpty falls. City under alert.

29th September.

Bangalore. Last night in a shocking development, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. While he has been admitted to the Incy Wincy Spider Memorial hospital , doctors are unsure about putting him back together again. Dr. Fevikwik has said that Humpty is now shaky and unstable, and has sent word for his dear Kings men and his horses.

Sep 22, 2010

Sharing Common Wealth (Games), Politics and News Channels

Fancy how everyone has an expert opinion on the CW Games to be held in India. Hell, even toddlers seem to be going "ga ga" over it. The last time I saw the country get together on such a scale was when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar, and everyone called it an "Indian Movie"..

Apparently, some top athletes and sporting nations are pulling out of the games citing poor "living" conditions. Perhaps I'd do the same if I were on a vacation, but hey! am not an athlete am I?

Sep 19, 2010

Ant Tales - Ants don't fall in Love

Little Ant climbing up the wall
I wonder why you're so small
You keep crawling inch by inch
Don't you ever fear a fall?

By Day and night, dusk and dawn
You keep climbing, crawling, walking on
What is it that keeps you going,
Do share with us, oh little one.

Is it really food that you search for all day?
Or is there a mystery behind all the play,
That you always walk in a straight line
Nothing seems to deter you from your way.

Don't you ever take a break?
To rest those tiny arms and legs
Toiling away all through the day
To fetch something, that everyone will take

Don't you ever fall in love,
For that's what everyone does
And then they change, for someone else
And everything goes astray, regardless what they say

Now I know, why you're so small
You have no space for love and all
Only when a heart falls, it hurts
And hence, you care not if you fall

Little Ant climbing up the wall
I know now, why you're so small
Continue crawling inch by inch
Why worry of a fall.


Sep 15, 2010

Then, There and Now

Am at cross roads of some sort. I can feel it. Some strange sense of uneasiness and irritation has come over me, unlike the happy go lucky regular food stuffing person that I am.

I get angry very quickly these days (not regular quickly, madan-quickly standard) which is still slow by normal averages, Very restless in the afternoons, sleepy at nights, don't feel like gorging on chicken or non vegetarian food, Opinions have begun to bother me, Have been reading books after a loooong time, not coming home to my beloved game console, meeting people out of sheer boredom (sounds like loneliness to me) blogging more regularly, Jealousy, vying for attention, riding my bike a tad too fast, hmmmm...

The last time I hit a cross road, it took me 2 years to recover. Bet she hardly noticed.


Strange are the ways of men and women. When they like someone, they act more weird in person. They try to be someone else in order to impress, and in the process end up being someone else, and then one day "boom" they get together and its like "Hey you weren't like this before we got married"


Strangely, the one whom I never met, knew me more than the ones I had met. Pity she didn't want to meet that day.


So is friendship the key ? Whats the chances on that road? Stand by and watch doesn't really seem easy, But then what is? And when do you know when this ends and that starts? If its meant to be, will it?

There are no coincidences in life, they say.

But there's a lot of hope.



Sep 13, 2010

Marriage, Love and Spirituality

Marriages are made in heaven. South Indian Marriages are made in rooms between families of the bride and groom, except the bride and groom. Konkani marriages are made in other peoples marriages.

If you attend a GSB/Konkani/Amchigele marriage, you'd be surprised to see the bonding of the women there, all gushing and chattering incessantly. But the truth is, under those multi layers of Kanjeevaram silk and heavy gold jewellery, Detailed battle plans are being laid to bind two unsuspecting individuals through the "arranged" marriage strategy.Of course the only thing probably common to the unsuspecting individuals, would be that they apparently are of "marriageable" age.

Sep 11, 2010

The Rose Girl

I wrapped up myself in my arms just so that I was comfortable in not making her uncomfortable. While the bus moved on out of Bangalore, she spoke to different people on the phone. Her voice was very soft, at the same time had the tone of a self confident girl, someone who could be quick to retort at the shortest signs of being rebuked or taken for granted. Reminded me of someone who was had just discovered independence, or had some sort of responsibility on her shoulders, a mini rebel, but a sweet one at that.

Sep 9, 2010

A skinny Thief

Gabbar Singh has been our most loved villain. His "Arrre Oh Samba!!!" and the rider to the dialogue "Kitne Admi the..."is probably the most easily remembered Bollywood dialogues. I have my own theory, that his love for Sambhar and the thought that he would have to share it with other "Admi's" prompted this question, but lets keep that aside for now.

His popularity was probably followed by the legendary Ambrish Puri(Mogambo!!!), and the remaining minions in the roles of serial murderers, kidnappers and smugglers with a million thugs on their team firing away machine guns that couldn't hurt a mouse, even if it were the size of the incredible Hulk and tied to a wall post.

Sep 3, 2010

TSB 8 Of "Kylo" and "The Hindu newspaper"

Previous Post in the series TSB 7 Booth Tales

Soon after the Booth closed down, It was back to the same old routine. Its interesting to see that help comes from people you least expect, and you meet so many interesting characters when we bother to open our eyes and see things apart from whats obvious.You realize that we've missed out on a large part of life because of our infatuation with "our" world. Which is like looking into a mirror all the time, and forgetting the part thats not visible in the mirror.

TSB 7 Booth Tales

Previous post in the series TSB 6 Of the Road

The Telephone booth Job was basically a distraction from turmoil. I got the job through a friend who worked as a Bus conductor in the bus that I used to take up and down from when I visited home. A year ago, I would not have dreamed of something on these lines. But life has a way of teaching you lessons in different ways.

Sep 1, 2010

TSB 6 Of the Road

Previous post in the series TSB 5 Days Going On

While my work started at around 5.30 or 6.0 pm, I ensured that I didn't lounge around in the campus. At the slightest indication of the end of day, I  headed right to my temple of solace, which in this case was an actual temple.

Walking down that particular road was always painful. But it didn't matter anymore, as to me, I didn't matter anymore.