Just Emkaying: Then, There and Now

Sep 15, 2010

Then, There and Now

Am at cross roads of some sort. I can feel it. Some strange sense of uneasiness and irritation has come over me, unlike the happy go lucky regular food stuffing person that I am.

I get angry very quickly these days (not regular quickly, madan-quickly standard) which is still slow by normal averages, Very restless in the afternoons, sleepy at nights, don't feel like gorging on chicken or non vegetarian food, Opinions have begun to bother me, Have been reading books after a loooong time, not coming home to my beloved game console, meeting people out of sheer boredom (sounds like loneliness to me) blogging more regularly, Jealousy, vying for attention, riding my bike a tad too fast, hmmmm...

The last time I hit a cross road, it took me 2 years to recover. Bet she hardly noticed.


Strange are the ways of men and women. When they like someone, they act more weird in person. They try to be someone else in order to impress, and in the process end up being someone else, and then one day "boom" they get together and its like "Hey you weren't like this before we got married"


Strangely, the one whom I never met, knew me more than the ones I had met. Pity she didn't want to meet that day.


So is friendship the key ? Whats the chances on that road? Stand by and watch doesn't really seem easy, But then what is? And when do you know when this ends and that starts? If its meant to be, will it?

There are no coincidences in life, they say.

But there's a lot of hope.



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