Just Emkaying: A skinny Thief

Sep 9, 2010

A skinny Thief

Gabbar Singh has been our most loved villain. His "Arrre Oh Samba!!!" and the rider to the dialogue "Kitne Admi the..."is probably the most easily remembered Bollywood dialogues. I have my own theory, that his love for Sambhar and the thought that he would have to share it with other "Admi's" prompted this question, but lets keep that aside for now.

His popularity was probably followed by the legendary Ambrish Puri(Mogambo!!!), and the remaining minions in the roles of serial murderers, kidnappers and smugglers with a million thugs on their team firing away machine guns that couldn't hurt a mouse, even if it were the size of the incredible Hulk and tied to a wall post.

Anyways, this Monday, we had the fortune (am not sure if its good or bad yet) to be visited by a "skinny" member of the robbers fraternity, probably an amateur, or one who had lost his budgets to purchase sophisticated equipment (Seems to be happening quite a lot across industries these days). That he was preying on the a house with a single occupant, with 2 heavyweight bachelors on the top and an entire family awake till 3.15am at the bottom, is a sign of lack of strategy and success in messing up everything else.(Good for us!!!)

Robber Bond (for want of a better name and lack of his business card) had ceremoniously walked onto the second floor from a neighbouring building. Since our second floor neighbour had locked herself in her bedroom, the hall was clear. Robber Bond, managed to get the window open, pull out the keys on the table from 3 feet off, and managed to get the lock on the outer grill open. Once he was in the porch, he used a pen torch to scan the area. Meanwhile we were busy snoring away, and our neighbour took a full 20 min to realize that the guy was not a pizza delivery person, surprising them with the new hot pizza campaign. I don't blame her though, those pizza guys do have a passion for coming at odd hours after placing the order.

Coming back, Robber Bond, meanwhile kept looking at the door and looking for a way in. He probably had not gone through the "opening doors for dummies" guide book, because he kept pulling the door, which as anyone would know, opens inwards. Its only when he realized that his ploy was not working, that he pulled a screw driver for getting the knob off. At this moment, our neighbour screamed at the top of her voice (or so she claims) and tried to call for help. The guy was so startled, that he locked the door from outside and bolted. So far he hasn't sued for eardrum damage.

The Next morning, we came to know that this had happened, and probably lost a chance to beat up some poor chap who was probably giving his first burglary test. I say poor chap, cos if he was rich he wouldn't be doing what he was trying to do.Or it would mean that our neighbour was a top secret spy agent and he would be James "maccha" Bond, which I have difficulty in believing.

Well I am hoping he doesn't learn from his mistakes and does not visit again with a few more of his pals. Ha, he'd probably leave some stuff at the door after peeking through our window!!! :P

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