Just Emkaying: Marriage, Love and Spirituality

Sep 13, 2010

Marriage, Love and Spirituality

Marriages are made in heaven. South Indian Marriages are made in rooms between families of the bride and groom, except the bride and groom. Konkani marriages are made in other peoples marriages.

If you attend a GSB/Konkani/Amchigele marriage, you'd be surprised to see the bonding of the women there, all gushing and chattering incessantly. But the truth is, under those multi layers of Kanjeevaram silk and heavy gold jewellery, Detailed battle plans are being laid to bind two unsuspecting individuals through the "arranged" marriage strategy.Of course the only thing probably common to the unsuspecting individuals, would be that they apparently are of "marriageable" age.

Till recently, I was a silent spectator, but now I seem to be catchin up in the "target group". What appeared to be a harmless question, soon turned out to be a full on scouting mission on my "status" in the other world. What with Dad coming up with "I don't care who you marry, as long as she is a Konkani girl".

Right. So armed with my Horoscope in hand, my pick up line is going to be - "Hey, are you a konkani girl? Can you cook "Dalitoy"? Great. Lets get married."

I just hope my cousins don't get into the act and start "Friendly" questions on my relationship status.

Apparently, times running out, and people seem to have decided that am incapable of doing the needful myself, And hence need  the help of a 100 odd search squad armed with my horoscope in hand.


Love is a strange thing. They say there cannot be smoke without fire, and this applies to love too. Going by the bride hunt tendencies of konkani families (I can only speak for them) I think I need to find someone soon. I don't necessarily want a particular Konkani-only version, but someone whom I could speak to without feeling like a complete idiot, or make the other feel like one. Sigh. Looks like "the one" better make themselves heard / visible pretty soon, or else years of trying and not succeeding is gonna end up in misery for this Konkana. Double Sigh.


Souls need to connect spiritually and emotionally. But Spirituality is subjective. I am a believer, but not in one concept. For me God is a friend, a guide, a mentor. Even when I visit temples, I ask for strength. Not a deal.

"Dear God, let me pass my exams, and I will get you 100 coconuts."

Right. God is addicted to coconuts, and where ever he is, he's not getting any.

Well that's not me. Anymore

I'd rather use that squishy thing behind my eyeballs, inside my skull,  to achieve the daunting task of passing the exam, and give those 100 coconuts to a deserving school instead. Am sure God can do with a few lesser coconuts for his sweet tooth.

God is a nice guy, he's helpful, kind and patient. He's tough when we act like brats, and sometimes his lessons hurt. He's an empty canvas. You cannot paint the colours of religion and deceit on to this canvas, its too vast for such silly things.




  1. ughhhhh im in the age group tooo now :(

  2. @ Ann....so whats the search criteria...Does the guy know to cook "dukra maas" or something?!! :P