Just Emkaying: Sharing Common Wealth (Games), Politics and News Channels

Sep 22, 2010

Sharing Common Wealth (Games), Politics and News Channels

Fancy how everyone has an expert opinion on the CW Games to be held in India. Hell, even toddlers seem to be going "ga ga" over it. The last time I saw the country get together on such a scale was when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar, and everyone called it an "Indian Movie"..

Apparently, some top athletes and sporting nations are pulling out of the games citing poor "living" conditions. Perhaps I'd do the same if I were on a vacation, but hey! am not an athlete am I?

I suspect the Organizing committee, and its head Mr. Kalmadi (also head of a numerous other sporting committees) had got his "sporting spirit" wrong when he heard of "Common Wealth" --  "Hey if its common, why can't I get some too?" -  But then since we got the rights in 2003, the role of then Sports Minister "Money Shankar Aiyar" cannot be ruled out.

Apparently, the government and the Organizing committee handle different parts of the Common wealth Games, but then that doesn't make it common does it.

Last heard, Shera was taking anti depression pills and has logged on to save the tiger campaign...


Politics is a fun sport. With all those sports guys in the Parliament, it must take real shit heads to screw a game this bad, Or at least allow it look so bad.

I hope this battle of Ego's doesn't ruin the CWG. The athletes gotta show their true sporting spirit and participate in large numbers.

As for you politicians, I hope your around when something else collapses. Might knock some senses into your heads.Thick skins that you are...


Thanks to the News Channels, we now know whats going wrong with everything in this country. From which Spiritual Guru is sleeping with which actress, to which CEO is a suspected alien. We should moot a memorandum that all "News" channels should hence forth be called gossip channels. Just like the warning on cigarette packs.

I wonder if they will ever really talk about the good stuff in this country, without payment or without going beyond little puppies obeying commands, parrots repeating numbers, etc. Like the way the country believes in live and let live (and not smacking that terrorist harboring nation) , Of giving its citizens the liberty to choose a government or spending tons of money on subsidies so that the poorer people can have a decent meal three times a day.

Think about it.


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