Just Emkaying: December 2008

Dec 31, 2008

2009...Here I come!!!

The Last post of the year, aptly on the 31st!!!

THANK YOU Mum and DAd, Your my strength.

THANK YOU The fella up there!!!, Your my faith.

THANK YOU dear buddies, You keep me Rocking!!!

THANK YOU dear readers, subscribers and visitors. You keep me going!!!

And THANK YOU 1985-2008, You have taught me lessons worth learning!!!

2009, here I come!!!

Happy new year everybody!!!

CHEERS!!! :)


Dec 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hey yall

Past few days have been well...strange if I can say so. Not sure whats up. Lot of work on on end, Lots of fun on the other, and lots of confusion in between. Am not sure what to look forward to 2009. Though I am sure its gonna be a big year for me. DOnt ask me why, I just have that strange gut feel animals have..

Did I just say animal??!!

Anyways. Everyones blogging about 2008 is over and 2009 is here. Resolutions and revelations and summations and stuff. Well I keep resolutions and break them. Just to ensure myself that this would be the last year of whatever morally worng thing that I am doing/not doing which I would definitely do/not do in the coming year.


As usual this new years eve I have lot of time to sit back and think, and hopefully act on the same. I somehow feel that tommorrow, a huge chapter of my life is coming to an end, and a big new one is going to start. 23 years of uncertainty to be replaced with...ah...hmmmm...more uncertainty!!! well not exactly, but some more of good times and less of the other.

As I look back, of whatever I can remember, its been a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs and downs and ups and horizontals and verticals and all that. Education for a job is over, and a job for survival has just started. an age of gang wars and hangouts replaced by corporate bitching and boardroom meetings..begging for marks to begging for salary hikes...man!!!

Double sigh sigh.

As much as I hate it, I would want to ponder on some of my life changing moments!!! and some gyaaaaaan

Moment 1 : Moving from Bahrain to India (It was like I moved to the North Pole from Sahara)
The change was very difficult, but guess am stronger bcos of it. My life has been full of changes recently.

LEsson 1: Change is inevitable. Change is good

Moment 2 : Getting into a hostel

Boy oh boy, for all those of you who havent been through hostel life, youve missed a lot!!! People skills in between 200 odd characters is a challenge

Lesson 2 : People are everything in life. You dont respect them, you wont get any either.

Moment 3 : Taking up business management

    Life is not all about fun. LEarn to suffer a little. Do a BBM/BBA/MBA!!! After that nothing will be tough in life. (not that I regret it...)

Lesson 3 : Shit happens!!! But you just got ta clean up and move on. Cant starve life long can ya now?!!

Moment 4: Getting a job, without Campus placement.

You crazy?!!! Dont ever try a stunt like that!!!

Lesson 4: Things can get shaddy, dirty and damn outright tortorous, But If you know what you want, and work towards it, your bound to get it.

and other lessons, moments of which I cannot share!!!

Lesson 5 : You cant help it if someone hates you for something you havent done. 

Lesson 6 : Stop expecting things to happen. They wont. You have to make it happen. The sooner you realize it, the less you will find yourself hurt.

Lesson 7 : Going vegetarian has benefits. A higher level of awareness, more active.

Lesson 8 : There is a GoD. Am not sure about religion though.

Lesson 9 : Love is something that happens. Just happens. True love isnt selfish.

Lesson 10 : Everything happens for the best. Sooner or later. It does.

Now that I have spent some Gyaan, I sign off. 



PS: The Story will be updated tommorrow

Dec 28, 2008


Some crazy things to do for 2009!!! or before

1. Dance on a table at the best restaurant you can find... (Probably might get thrown out, if not banned from any eating place in the city!!!)

2. Demand a replacement of a toothbrush(used of cousrse!!!) at the best retail store you can find. Demand that the toothbrush is of inferior quality

3. Try to make it to the finals of any game show, by sending more SMS that anyone in the country. (not for your mobile!!!)

4. Throw a shoe at any politician!!!

5. Walk into a shoe shop, see all the most expensive shoes in the shop, and then walk out with a pair of slippers

6. If you are working, put up a "croc inside" outside your bossed door.

7. Change the coffee makers catridge and try getting a alcohol cartridge instead!!!

8. Run outta a restaurant screaming "Eureka!!! It flies!! It flies!!!"

9. Grow an elvis style sideburn!!!

10. Ride a horse into a movie hall and ask for directions to El dorado.


Dec 23, 2008

A book v/s a girlfirend

My diluted mind has got me thinking in strange ways these days... An outcome of the same is retyped below!!!

1. You can a pick up a book you like and keep it for the rest of your life
    Getting a girlfriend is different story, let alone holding on for the rest of your life!!!

2. Books can be read and understood.
    A girl can NEVER (Read N.E.V.E.R) be understood.

3. A GF can help you out anytime with any problem
    A book can max be used to swat at that pesky thing flying around, or as a balancing weight! ( and for exams of course!)

4. Books can be shut.
    Hee Haa, try that with your GF. Probably have your head chopped off

5. You can gift your girlfriend a book.  ( stupid as it might sound!)
    You cannot gift a girlfriend to your book!!!

6. You can drive around the city with your girlfriend
    Try tying the book pillion on your bike while u ride!!!

7. A girlfriend is someone you can marry
    Marrying a book is a sign that you need to head to the nearest hospital

8. You can address your girlfriend as "dear, sweetie" or whatever
    Think you can call your book.....bookie?!! Booka>!!

9. Try book balancing, improves your posture
    Try girlfriend balancing-breaks your back, and can gift you a few black eyes.

And FInalllly....

10. Am sure some girl is gonna pick on me for this post!!!
   Nope, no book is gonna do that :)

Following, or attempting to follow the views, ideas, blasphemy, insults....ets in this post, can be and most probably will be the end of you love life!!!

Book readers can forget the warning!!!


Dec 21, 2008

TS 15 It happens...YES!!!

PW was alone in the class. It was the lunch break, and it was very strange to find her alone, buried in some sort of work. I was just back with Mohan after lunch, and I didn't pay much attention to anything. We went to our seats, engaging in the regular news of the college.

We were chatting and strangely the class wasn't being occupied by anyone else for Long time. All of a sudden Mohan started looking behind me and wasn't paying attention to what I was saying, and it began bugging me. Then he just nodded in the direction of the front row, moving my attention to behind of me.

Pw was standing right at the edge of our bench, giving a full wide eyed stare down to both of us. Somehow Mohan disappeared when I looked back, and I was left alone to face another unknown unexpected attack from cupid and his armed forces.

Pw- You wanted to tell me something huh?

M- Me?? I...uh...no..I mean yes..bbut whhwat 

( I was hit full on by stuttering, stammering and fluttering and all of those...before I could recover, the second wave attacked...)

Pw- What do you think of yourself ? (She was red ) You can some across anyone and say anything you want? And I wouldn't know? Its a shame. I thought at least you were different from the others... But no. You were even more silly and nerveless than the rest of them.

M- But what I did nnt say any..

Pw- Shut up and listen. I had enough of your talk. You've been doing only talking and doing nothing else. when will you get some courage and say it?

M- I well  I thought maybe you wouldn't be....

Pw- Oh really? You think you know everything? Then why don't you tell me what am going to do right now...

M- I kinda think you kinda like the thought that I kinda might be falling in kinda of love with...

Pw- Phew!!! You guys never learn do you..Well let say I say YES then what...

I was sweating, I lost track of time. Forget the class, the whole world was beginning to spin. I was suddenly feeling very faint... I wanted to stand up and Just say it. I stood up..

M- I love....

And I could feel my feet collapse and all I could hear was murmurs...

Pw- Get up...Hey comeon!!! Somebody here?!!! Get up!!! Get some water...Get up!!!

"UP!!! Wake up you idiot!!! Its getting Late!!!"

I felt someone throw water on my face...I opened my eyes and the light blinded me. I must have been in hospital, I must have had a happy heartache or something.

I opened my eyes, and my roomie staring down at me. 

"Aren't you going to college?? Its 10.30. Get up you lazy idiot, and stop shouting YES YES for heavens sake, If aunt hears it, they will get you to a hospital!!!"

I was in my room. The light was streaming in through the windows. The pillow in my arms was screaming for space, and I had almost slept through the whole episode. It took me some time to realize....

I was Dreaming.

I had never been so happy, and lost the same happiness in my life so quickly...

TS 14 Smoke in the house

Its difficult living in guilt. A guilt of not knowing what went wrong and what didn't. Whether your supposed to say sorry or not. PW was a bit stand offish in the days that followed. Much to my distress, neither did Mohan nor Seema know of what the reason was behind Pw's behaviour. And even if they knew, they weren't telling me for some reason.

Meanwhile, post picnic there were problems in the class. The people who weren't "invited" along the trip, weren't amused and were taking out their ire in different ways. They called people names, started bullying the weaker guys, spread the news of the girls and guys going out to the college "radios". In short the class wasn't getting the right publicity, let alone keeping the news hush hush.

Apparently some one in the wannabe crowd had opened their mouths to the uninvited gang, thereby getting their immunity against any possible backlash.

But what happened was now a turn of events hardly anyone accepted. The lecturers stared at us with accusing eyes. The seniors taunted anyone crossing their corridors. There was infighting amongst classmates.

But as I understood it from Roshan, it wasn't just that some people were left back. The whole issue was that the guys and "girls" went along, thereby creating instant jealousy amongst the left behinds. And as I understood, PW had become a quite popular girl, and almost everyone joined in the jealousy of having being left out.

This brought about a vary awkward state in the class. It was disgusting. 

As far as I went, I dint know what to do. I suddenly realised the weight of what I was doing. I felt lost and weak. The competition to grab Pw's attention was now at college level, and that very thought was revolting. O maybe I was mind was going hyper again...

Meanwhile, Murali was being his usual self. Making the chats with the girls and ignoring the guys. And I was completely dependent on his promise to help things between me and PW. I wasnt supposed to talk or say anything to the girls myself, as I might damage his "work" so to speak.

I wasn't very chatty anyway with the girls anyway...It wasn't an ego problem or something but more of not being used to the same...a more shy side of me I'd say. I could hold a conversation, but not start one. So Murali's non interference clause on me wasn't much of a problem to me...

But somehow his behaviour in the class wasn't going down too well with some people...

Dec 19, 2008

TS 13 Romantic day at the beach...goes sour

The spirit in the class was going well. We were close into the second semester and camaraderie was on all time high. Something like India having 1 run to win against Pakistan with 9 wickets in hand and 10 overs to go. In the midst of all the hull-a-gulla was I, in my own dream world, singing romantic songs around imaginary banyan trees (or was it Peepal?!) with a slight drizzle in the air.

Eventually, everyone got caught up in the infectious "lets go on a picnic" and plans were being made. Needless to say the whole thing had a very important criteria, of getting the right category of people. Undoubtedly there were the wannabes trying to get the happening crowd of girls to go along, and I dare say that I had my own little plans.

My acceptance to the picnic, of course was only based on PW's acceptance to the same. In fact I would say the whole picnic party depended on her acceptance!!! Though hardly anyone viewed their opinions, I could make out from the various conversations in various brotherhoods that she was being treated way beyond a classmate!!!

Anyway, Pw held on to her cards till the last day and finally the blessed "Yes" did finally ring in the class. So of we were to some place of interest to spend the day in harmless flirting and frolic. I was elated, though not very sure what the next course of action should be. However I knew the basics and good ol Mohan was there to provide the ever needed light. 

So on the day, dressed in the "coolest" attire I could manage, off we went to the picnic. The destination hardly mattered to me, and whether we went to a pub or park meant the same to me;People in Love do talk this way, and I guess I fell into the category, one way road that it seemed at that time.

We ended upon some kind of island beach, with the "wannabes" fluttering around the "already there" girls, cracking their jokes and jacks. Having fun. I was into more of following the group around, trying to get into the right photographs with the right people. I stuck with Mohan, because I wasn't sure what to do.

Luckily soon after lunch I got lucky, and somehow PW and I ended up on the same tree stump at the same time for a snap. Seema saw through the opportunity and grabbed the camera, moved into position, aimed...and allllmmmmmmmmosst clicked, when plop came the "MOHAN" into the picture with his silly giggle..

Within a series of seconds, a surprised Pw moved out of the frame, seema clicked and me and Mohan turned up in the snap, looking like two crows in sunglasses. 

STRIKE 1-out

If I could I would've filled Mohan's silly smile with all the sand I could, but I couldnt bring myself to do it.My second opportunity came during snack time... Everyone was having the idlis and dosas, when some one discovered some convenient open huts. Again I enetered from one end, and Pw from another and fate brought us together again. But by the time Mohan got the camera, the wannabes charged upon the hut...only to completely hide both of us in the crowd. How I wished for a 36 calibre self loading firearm....

STRIKE 2-out

The camera decided that me and PW wouldnt make it tohe film reel, and I had no other option than to open the gap on my face(my mouth!!!) and make some proper noises to catch her attention. Finally while we scourged the rocks on the beach for treasure, I managed to say the most crappy thing ever

M- Nice beach huh (Damn it !!! That's why we were there wasn't it?!!)

Pw- Ya, its beautiful. Sad we have to go home so soon...

If I had my way I would have stayed there for the rest of my life!!! Pw was looking gorgeous and with a silly floppy hat, looked all the more alluring.

M- Guess we can catch the sunset in a few minutes (Seeesh!!! She lived on the beach you moron!!! Think ! Think!)

Pw- Hmmmm....you know when ever I come on to the beach I feel like just being there. I forget everything else in my life and just enjoy the breeze. It so calming so relaxing.

(3 sentences in one go!!! Yes its working you old charmer!!!)

M- Honestly, it feels great to have come out on this trip. Really worthwhile and fun.

We came upon couple of rocks. Mohan helped Seema across, And I extended my hand to help Pw across...Hoping against hope she'd take it. It was a silly thing, but it meant the world to me then.

She did it. And there was this slight lingering hand holding for a couple of seconds more than necessary...the dancing around the tree feeling was back again....and that was perhaps the most beautiful moment of the day for me. I was happy, maybe that made me a bit too adventurous..

M- We should do this again some time...

I hardly had finished the sentence, when all of a sudden Pw turned around and walked off a good twenty feet away on the beach. I was taken by surprise, and invariably the crowd of 5 to 10 turned to look at me, only to find me more taken aback than them. She kept drifting away, and didn't respond to anyone calling out to her.

It took me some time to recover from that, more than some time in fact. Actually a whole day. That evening, returning home I was sulking, not knowing why she behaved like that? Was it something I said? or Maybe I looked too happy...I wasn't sure. 

But one thing was sure. My sleep for the coming nights had just been disturbed...

STRIKE 3 -out

Dec 18, 2008

You know your affected by W.O.R.K when...

Of all the people going to jobs and making a living without barter system or pouches of rice to exchange in their pockets, 90% are being effected by A deadly virus called W.O.R.K... Especially after the P.I.N.K   S.L.I.P virus has become in vogue.

Let me explain to you what P.I.N.K S.L.I.P virus is. It stands for Planning Internally for (K)Company System Leaving program. In short when you have slogged all your life for the achievment of something which you never understood, and neither did ur boss, or his boss for that matter; that someones comes with a presentation showing that sacking you will make people buy more of the companys product in Zambia.

Now comes the W.O.R.K Virus. Using the threat from PINK SLIP, your boss may try to send you WORK. Be careful. W.O.R.K stands for Willing opression & Recreation Killer.

If you receive any e mails using the words Important, urgent, ASAP, Deadline, TArget, Project, Client meeting,etc (Sympoms vary from company to company) Please direct them to the spam box immediately. Keep away from the sender also, he would have definitely been effected by it.

So far there have been some remedies working depending on your preference. The popular ones so far

1. WHISKY : Will & hope intensifying system key yard

2. BEER : Bothersome employer eliminator Recon

3. GIN : General Interest Neutralizer

4. WINE : Work Isolating neutralizer exract

And of course

TEQUILA - (very strong very effective) Troublesome Employer Qualification & unacceptable layoff agent

Of course its best if both the W.O.R.K sender and receiver have the last remedy together!!!

Blog update

Hey yall

You can now listen to music on Daily Mirror. If you are having broadband connection(preferably 256 kbps and more) you should be able to hear a song playing from the automatic player a the bottom of the page. A slow connection might not be able to load the song quick enough though.

You can also listen to tracks on ilike, on the left side of the page. just click on a song and there u go!!!

Keep blogging!!!

Dec 17, 2008

TS 12 Murali the mentor

"What the hell were you doing? We expected so much from you...All you bloody did was sit there like one dead person, not even a word. Is that what you were there for?!!" Murali was pissed


"But she...."


"What she...Don't you have the nerve to be a normal person? why the hell were you like a dumb ass out there? Roshan had so many expectations from you. I have been in constant touch with him. He kept on asking what you were doing, whether you were leading the team or not...You failed miserably!!!"


"You know when she is around I get star stuck.."


"Bull Shit. I told you I would help you out with getting in touch with her. You weren't there on a love mission. Your job was to make sure the team won. Your energy and experience was required. Not your filthy Romeo Attitude!!!"


Backlog- Me & Murali

Ever since I and Murali had been friends, we were a rocking pair. We started talking on a range of things. We sat together, bunked classes together and had lunch together. Somesh and Mohan invariably felt left out, but I was moving ahead in life. Or so I thought.


Murali saw a talented, energetic and a know it all and a Hardworker in me. He thought I worked hard towards everything I wanted to, and I achieved it through dedication. I saw Murali as a mature and smart dude, very confident and peaceful guy, who loved to do fun things and who never had a problem with talking to anyone under the sun.

We both were wrong about each other. Very Wrong

However the initial days we were caught up in the josh of doing everything we could. In the process I introduced him to Roshan.


Backlog- Me and Roshan

Roshan was a senior in college who was considered the master when it came to Being in the know about latest happenings in the field of marketing, college fests and events. Absolutely brilliant. Especially after he won a south India level event single handedly for the college.

I met Roshan by accident. He was talking to someone in the Bus stop, when the topic he was discussing caught my fancy and I butted in. Surprisingly he didn't mind and instead we had a great conversation. Ever since I had looked up to him as the guru, and something I wanted to become.



Anyway's, Roshan and Murali were of the same age group, in the sense Murali was far older than me, by 2-3 years. So Murali and Roshan became thick friends. And in the process Murali also took the place of a guide and mentor to me. I believed that being with this guy, I could turn out better than the usual college duffer.

I had told Murali about Pw, and he immediately promised T help me out. He of course had better experience than me and was in a more advantageous situation than I was, love struck that I was.

The conversation we were currently having was regarding the same. We had decided to go to a fests, and in consultation with Roshan, we had "Arranged" for Pw to be in the team. I and Murali had to drop out, in order to accommodate the others. This was however a strategy, to pacify the wannabe's and so that we two could join the senior team in going to the major events of the year.

But we two were to go along with the team, to support them.

Needless to say the entire team screwed up big time, and I was strangely getting the stick for it. Perhaps it was because all I did whole day was get water for PW, sit next to her, get her stuff, roam behind her from hall to room to hall. And encourage her. The rest of the team was absolutely invisible to me at that point of time.


"You screwed up big time, dude. Absolutely a looser's attitude.Roshan will be absolutely disappointed in you..."

I somehow began to have a feeling that things were more deeper than what Murali was accusing me of. Somehow, I dint feel all that wrong as I was "told" I was. It was becoming an irritating state of affairs...

Dec 10, 2008

Terrorists have no religion

Before we get into this discussion, I would request all of you to read Please Stop Demonizing Muslims by Swats.
The Base

There has been a lot of Discussion on Terrorists, Pakisan, Hindu Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism, and anyother "religion-based terrorism", if such a thing exists. Especially after Mumbai Terror blasts.

There is a lot of anti-Pakistan sentiments in the country, which is turning into, if I may say so a religion based accusation. Lot of people have the feeling that islam advocates killings, and there are people who counter this saying that Hindu religious fanatics are no better.

The Question is who told Terrorists have a religion? If you read the confessions of the terrorists who was caught, you will realize he never attacked "HINDU", or "CHRISTIANS" or whatever. He was trained to attack Indian citizens. There is a difference.

Terrorists are doing the killing 40%, and we people do the rest by blaming it on religious sentiments. Down with all Religious groups. The terrorists masterminds know that Indian citizens will pile on each other on the religious aspect. 

I want to make it clear, People who follow islam, or christanity or any religion are not the perpertrators of terror. I have muslim friends, and we both want to blow the brains out of terrorists.

The doers..

There are unfortunately few people in the world, who proclaim themselves to be devout religious people, who have nothing better to do, and try to uphold their so called esteem, and their lack of confidence, by brainwashing people, in the name of religion. And use these people in these missions of religion saving acts. These people are ever waiting for a chance to showcase their existence in the world. 

A normal hug, becomes a push. A look at a religious sanctuary becomes a stare. And of course there are their brainwashed monkeys to follow their commands.

The Sufferer

Normal, innocent people.

About Pakistan

When you hear someone say "I hate Pakistan " It isnt against the people of the country or the belief of that country. I do not advocate that pakistanis are villains. However I do say that there are a few corrupt officials, who bow down to the pressure from religious fundamentalists. 

Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism isnt the same as saying that citizens of pakistan would want usto be  dead. It is more to say that there are people in the places of power who want to deflate the peace process, and create more tension, that would help terrorists. I do not see why a sensible person, if elected to the proper position would want to do this.

I would conclude to say that yes, I do believe there are elements in Pakistan who support terrorism. But since Pakistan follows Islam it doesnt mean Islam follows terrorism. If Pakistan had any other religion, would we say the same? I dont think so. 

I have lived in Arab countries, and I have never felt anything different. I beleive I would be equally confortable in Pakistan or any where for that matter. A small system of corrupt psycho pathic religion based fundamentalists cannot run a nation, and shouldnt be allowed to either.

At this moment, we should remember Indian and Pakistani citizens bear the brunt of terrorism. Not the governments and Terrorists. 

Hitting POK's terrorist camps shouldnt be a option for India, it should be the next step foward for the host Government. 

I pray and wish that people understand that no religion is bad. And terrorists have no religion.

Dec 8, 2008

Male Drivers v/s Female Drivers

After managing to manage the Potholes and "metro-effected" roads of Blore, I thought I'd share my experiences in the line of fire :)

Male Drivers v/s Female Drivers

1. A Male driver will start the vehicle as if it was his baby. A female driver starts the vehicle as if she was the baby.

2. A Female Driver will honk even if an ant crosses the road. A male driver will honk after he runs/almost runs  someone over

3. A female Driver would give an indicator to turn right. And turn right.
    A male Driver would give the indicator to turn right. And wont turn at all.

4. A female driver will give the indicator to turn right approx 1.12 kilometers away from the turn
    A male driver will give the indicator to turn right while turning right.

5. If a male driver turns in a one way, he is an arrogant moron
    If a female driver turns in a one way, she is lost

6. A male driver will never ask directions. NEVER.
    A female driver will never ask directions. She carryies a map with the coordinates, and an X marks the spot!

7. A male driver will never expect his co passenger (Female) to change a flat tyre
   A female driver will never change the flat if there is a male in the car...above 20 years of age

8. A female driver hits someone or something, the whole road will stop to help
    A male drive hits someone or something, the whole road will stop to STARE

9. A female driver will never stop in a no parking zone.
    Its the natural instinct of a male driver to park in a no parking zone.

10. A female driver drives at maximum speed minus 75% of maximum speed
     A male driver drives at maximum speed + 25% of maximum speed

11.  A female driver uses all mirrors to check makeup and hair style.
       A male driver uses all mirrors to check out female drivers

12. A female drivers criteria for vehicle : Colour, luggage compartment, colour....
     A male drivers criteria for vehicle: Bhp, xhp, torque, mileage....(unless he is married of course!!!)

13. A male driver will race his car to a screeching halt at the signal.
      A female driver will slow down the car in such fashion, that the signal goes green by the time she stops


Dec 7, 2008

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye- Review

Had a look at this movie yesterday.

Director: Dibakar Banerje

Banner :  UTV Motion Pictures

Cast : 

Abhay Deol - Lucky
Paresh Rawal - Luckys Dad
Neetu Chandra - Sonal
Archana Puran Singh - Kamlesh
Manu Rishi - Bangali

Let me start at the outset, that if you have an understanding of north Indian culture, or even more of Delhi, you should jump to the nearest multiplex and catch this movie.

The movie is all about a happy go lucky(His name also is Lucky!!!) thief, who aspires and is amused by the rich and affluent families in Delhi. He uses his charm and with to just take away what he like in a ease of style which is hilarious yet believable.

PAresh Rawal plays a triple role, being the dad, and the band wala and Dr. Handa. Neetu chandra plays the love interest.

However the interest for me was Manjot Singh, who plays lucky as a ayoung kid. His acting and style is brilliant. Dont go to the movie late!!!

Lucky is also hand in glove with many, thereby raising his popularity especially for his "gifts". The cops and the police love him. His entre collection encompasses even carpets,invitation cards,high end cars, electronics, watches, dogs and antique pieces...

All in all have a good time. Watch the movie!!!

DM Rating: 3.5/5 its fun!!!

Crushes and counting!!!

Surprisingly as it may seem to most of my friends, The select few of them will know when I say that I have had a lot of crushes, which surprisingly get ended in a similar ways.

If I recall...

1. The first happened in school, 4th std. Typicalish of anyone I'd say. Only thing is I dared to write a letter to that person!!! And got into a lot of embarrasment in my class. Lucky I changed my school the next year :)!!!

2. Then there was a second one in school, around 7th to 10th!!! Again similar story...nothing much happened as expected.

3. The third, fourth and fifth all were in college. All three got married in surprise twists and turns!!! The fourth almost happened, if it wasnt stupidity from myside. In fact I almost was going to say it, when I learnt of the marriage!!!

4. The sixth and my most strangest was a relationship, where we never met each other, yet spoke for hours on end on the phone for hours and hours!!! We met through a mistake sms coming to me...amd from there it was a two year friendship...We were always kept apart. When I moved to bangalore, she had to move somewhere else. And then I dint want to, and then she dint want to. And then it was a mutual split or something like that. needless to say, (You ought to guess by now) Yes she is getting married too!!!

5. Something ended before starting!!! Very recent actually.

And yeah, my bday is on 14th Feb, so people go wow and all that!!! But I dont see it helping :p...Anyways, its been a long roller coaster ride...so am not letting the next one go!!!

:) cheers...

The Dlunk episode

I had never tried Tequila before. I had most of the drinks life has to offer. I had my first heinken when I was in School. Alcohol was never an issue at home. Family and friends get together and used to have a drink or two and it never was an issue.

So when I started earning my daily bread, My salary dint go down some fat bellyed, french bearded beer tender. But then again the usual craziness would come on once a couple of drinks went down; though as a policy I NEVER drink and drive, and limit my drinks out of home or room.

But Friday was different. We had a party at a nice place. We had a pitcher. Then I had my 3rd glass, and a 4th....and a 12th..and so on...

Till a certain hat wearing cowboy came to our table and yelled " Are you ready for a Tequila??!!!"

I was like ok. I dint venture out the first time he offered. I had heard so much of the salt licking, lemon chewing drink gulping times, that I never had thought of experimenting outside my cosy little room bar. 

But the second time that whistle totting cowboy and screamed in my year, I thought (Or DID I..??!!) enough is thenough, I will dlink theis blested Torquila, and chew the salt yand plepper.

So I had the pirst one, allong with my team. I dint see the sunshine or the flurry of euphoria. So we summoned the indiana jones character, and had one more round. And then a beer.

And then when I got up for a quick break, It hit. 

And by the time I realised what had happened, I was already in the state of EUporia that say it is. The tables looked like floating discs, people looked like a rock show audience and I was searching for the cowboy to lasso him to the ground.

Any way, once I was home, climbed two flight of stairs to my room. I lost the jacket, and went plop on the bed. I got up and changed and plopped again.

I got up in the morning feeling "Where am I??!!"

It was only later that my Roomie tols me that I was blabbering for almost three hours, and what I blabberd is beyond this blog. And I seemed to be so so honest in my speech, which  I realised after the narration by my roomie. The unconscious really was speaking I guess. Am lucky It was my rooomie. I would have really embarassed myself if it was any one else.

Anyways, phew!!! AM being careful now on!!!

Dec 4, 2008

Brand Airtel!!! internet hungama

Recently had an excellent experience with Airtel. Though I have been using Airtel Postpaid for quite some time, I wasnt sure about the cost effectiveness of Airtel.

We were using REliance Broadband for quite some time. It used to have a funny way of working. It used to work on alternate days. It had a mind of its own. Coming alive in the morning around 10 when we lef t for work, and then going off in the evening when we came back around 7 pm.

So fed up with this egoistic attitude of the modem, we decided to try hathway...which was really trying to get everyones attention, with pamplets and all. So we got hathway. It worked fine for a month. When suddenly there were "Server" problems on and off. This went on for almost 20 days. And believe me they bloody charged us for all the days!!!

We gave a customer complaint, and after inumerous transfers to Accounts and Team and all the crap, they gave us a solution. Pay the current amount and the next in advance, and we would get the internet for three months. It seemed fair to us. However the next month itself the connection went blank. And the best part was they kept tellin us the line was active, changed the modem and all that.

After a direct blast on the phone they then put us on priority (which means they mark us in red warning customer call executives not to pick the call!!!) and finally told us there was some fault and we were deactivated. We were fed up and discontinued the service. Then these guys send us a bill for 3000!!!

Enough was enough. We went to their office, caught hold of each and every head possible and fired away like hell. Consumer court came into play, (We honestly knew some people) we gave them hell for like 4 hours, screaming and shouting in the lobby. Finally they bundled us into a conference room and cleared everything. They agreed to take back all their equipment. 

Meanwhile we went on to Airtel. It was installed in 1 day and service began the same day. Man it was awesome. Fantastic. And when we recently moved they shifted the connection and set it up in our new house in 2 days. Brilliant service. They followed up on phone continiously. Not like we call them all the time.

We were so happy that when we bought a new Set top box, we went for Airtel. Needless to say the set up was up in a day and the procedure took 20 min. Beautiful transmission and all. I dont know yet if Airtel is cost effective or not. But I do know that they like their customers, and thats what matters.

Hurray Airtel!!!

Dec 2, 2008

TS 11 Meeting Murali

Over the days I had got into the "follow her" fever. I used to invariably turn up where ever Pw would be, the library, the canteen, the staff room. I would even linger around the water cooler. It looked like there were only two people in the whole college and it was me and Pw. I would have probably in competition with her shadow, and we were really having a fight.

It was just one of those days, I was following her all the way to the bus stand, just enjoying the moments. It wasn't that she didn't know, or then again I wasn't sure. Every time she'd turn I'd duck into some alley or some shop, acting as if I wasn't there. It was a lame attempt, and I had a strange feeling that somehow this whole thing made me look like some psycho maniac or a stalker. But then what the hell, Nothing was working anyway.


On one treasure hunt, she stopped to talk to one guy on the road. I wasn't sure who the guy was. I conveniently jumped into a book store, all the while keeping an eye on the talking duo. My attention was turned more to the guy. He was of medium height, wheatish complexion and seemed to be smiling all the way.

However the meeting ended soon, and she went on her way, and he took a right. In the process of observing all this I had already bought 2 pens and a notebook, which I never needed. It would only add up to the stuff I had bought in my "follow-her-she-might-sympathize" campaigns, which included some rice, a something used for cutting, a coconut scrapper and some more learn cooking books.

Anyway, I thought I'd follow the guy anyway. I went up, kept pace with him. He seemed to be moving towards the guys hostel near the temples. I was feeling brave so I thought I'd just ask him directions or something. I went up to him and said hi.

As he turned around I realized this guy was from my class!!! He was a new guy in the class. So my plans changed from directions asking to friend making.

Me- Hi!!!

guy- Hi, I know you. You play basketball with the seniors right?

Me- ya, am sorry I dint catch your name.

guy- Murali. Am staying in the hostels down there. wanna come ?

me- Ya sure. (I had no idea why I said yes)

Murali- Your so active, how do you manage all the things together?

me- Oh I don't really do anything. (At that point, I wasn't doing anything as my attention was directed to someone else) How are you liking the college an stuff.

Murali- Its kind off boring here.. In Mumbai, Commerce classes are so full of excitement and fun. This place hardly does anything.

me- (I was beginning to like this guy. he thought like me)

Hmmmm..I can feel what you say, There's got to be more activity if we want to end up doing something useful. There are some fests and stuff coming up in the next month. That's about everything what happens here.

Murali- Hey that's great. How do we get to participate and all in the fests and all...

me- well there are some seniors who are into this and all, they select the team. I know some of them so I can introduce you to them...

Murali- That be kind of you. You know in Mumbai.....


And so went our discussion for almost 2 hours. In the end I returned home feeling I met a long last friend. It was great knowing that I wasn't the only guy who thought like I did.

But Murali was only the beginning. It was going to be a long journey we undertook today, and wasn't going to be easy nor end easy for both of us. It was the beginning of the most painful turn of events ever to happen in my life...



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