Just Emkaying: cRAZY LIST FOR 2009

Dec 28, 2008


Some crazy things to do for 2009!!! or before

1. Dance on a table at the best restaurant you can find... (Probably might get thrown out, if not banned from any eating place in the city!!!)

2. Demand a replacement of a toothbrush(used of cousrse!!!) at the best retail store you can find. Demand that the toothbrush is of inferior quality

3. Try to make it to the finals of any game show, by sending more SMS that anyone in the country. (not for your mobile!!!)

4. Throw a shoe at any politician!!!

5. Walk into a shoe shop, see all the most expensive shoes in the shop, and then walk out with a pair of slippers

6. If you are working, put up a "croc inside" outside your bossed door.

7. Change the coffee makers catridge and try getting a alcohol cartridge instead!!!

8. Run outta a restaurant screaming "Eureka!!! It flies!! It flies!!!"

9. Grow an elvis style sideburn!!!

10. Ride a horse into a movie hall and ask for directions to El dorado.


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