Just Emkaying: You know your affected by W.O.R.K when...

Dec 18, 2008

You know your affected by W.O.R.K when...

Of all the people going to jobs and making a living without barter system or pouches of rice to exchange in their pockets, 90% are being effected by A deadly virus called W.O.R.K... Especially after the P.I.N.K   S.L.I.P virus has become in vogue.

Let me explain to you what P.I.N.K S.L.I.P virus is. It stands for Planning Internally for (K)Company System Leaving program. In short when you have slogged all your life for the achievment of something which you never understood, and neither did ur boss, or his boss for that matter; that someones comes with a presentation showing that sacking you will make people buy more of the companys product in Zambia.

Now comes the W.O.R.K Virus. Using the threat from PINK SLIP, your boss may try to send you WORK. Be careful. W.O.R.K stands for Willing opression & Recreation Killer.

If you receive any e mails using the words Important, urgent, ASAP, Deadline, TArget, Project, Client meeting,etc (Sympoms vary from company to company) Please direct them to the spam box immediately. Keep away from the sender also, he would have definitely been effected by it.

So far there have been some remedies working depending on your preference. The popular ones so far

1. WHISKY : Will & hope intensifying system key yard

2. BEER : Bothersome employer eliminator Recon

3. GIN : General Interest Neutralizer

4. WINE : Work Isolating neutralizer exract

And of course

TEQUILA - (very strong very effective) Troublesome Employer Qualification & unacceptable layoff agent

Of course its best if both the W.O.R.K sender and receiver have the last remedy together!!!

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