Just Emkaying: The Dlunk episode

Dec 7, 2008

The Dlunk episode

I had never tried Tequila before. I had most of the drinks life has to offer. I had my first heinken when I was in School. Alcohol was never an issue at home. Family and friends get together and used to have a drink or two and it never was an issue.

So when I started earning my daily bread, My salary dint go down some fat bellyed, french bearded beer tender. But then again the usual craziness would come on once a couple of drinks went down; though as a policy I NEVER drink and drive, and limit my drinks out of home or room.

But Friday was different. We had a party at a nice place. We had a pitcher. Then I had my 3rd glass, and a 4th....and a 12th..and so on...

Till a certain hat wearing cowboy came to our table and yelled " Are you ready for a Tequila??!!!"

I was like ok. I dint venture out the first time he offered. I had heard so much of the salt licking, lemon chewing drink gulping times, that I never had thought of experimenting outside my cosy little room bar. 

But the second time that whistle totting cowboy and screamed in my year, I thought (Or DID I..??!!) enough is thenough, I will dlink theis blested Torquila, and chew the salt yand plepper.

So I had the pirst one, allong with my team. I dint see the sunshine or the flurry of euphoria. So we summoned the indiana jones character, and had one more round. And then a beer.

And then when I got up for a quick break, It hit. 

And by the time I realised what had happened, I was already in the state of EUporia that say it is. The tables looked like floating discs, people looked like a rock show audience and I was searching for the cowboy to lasso him to the ground.

Any way, once I was home, climbed two flight of stairs to my room. I lost the jacket, and went plop on the bed. I got up and changed and plopped again.

I got up in the morning feeling "Where am I??!!"

It was only later that my Roomie tols me that I was blabbering for almost three hours, and what I blabberd is beyond this blog. And I seemed to be so so honest in my speech, which  I realised after the narration by my roomie. The unconscious really was speaking I guess. Am lucky It was my rooomie. I would have really embarassed myself if it was any one else.

Anyways, phew!!! AM being careful now on!!!

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