Just Emkaying: Brand Airtel!!! internet hungama

Dec 4, 2008

Brand Airtel!!! internet hungama

Recently had an excellent experience with Airtel. Though I have been using Airtel Postpaid for quite some time, I wasnt sure about the cost effectiveness of Airtel.

We were using REliance Broadband for quite some time. It used to have a funny way of working. It used to work on alternate days. It had a mind of its own. Coming alive in the morning around 10 when we lef t for work, and then going off in the evening when we came back around 7 pm.

So fed up with this egoistic attitude of the modem, we decided to try hathway...which was really trying to get everyones attention, with pamplets and all. So we got hathway. It worked fine for a month. When suddenly there were "Server" problems on and off. This went on for almost 20 days. And believe me they bloody charged us for all the days!!!

We gave a customer complaint, and after inumerous transfers to Accounts and Team and all the crap, they gave us a solution. Pay the current amount and the next in advance, and we would get the internet for three months. It seemed fair to us. However the next month itself the connection went blank. And the best part was they kept tellin us the line was active, changed the modem and all that.

After a direct blast on the phone they then put us on priority (which means they mark us in red warning customer call executives not to pick the call!!!) and finally told us there was some fault and we were deactivated. We were fed up and discontinued the service. Then these guys send us a bill for 3000!!!

Enough was enough. We went to their office, caught hold of each and every head possible and fired away like hell. Consumer court came into play, (We honestly knew some people) we gave them hell for like 4 hours, screaming and shouting in the lobby. Finally they bundled us into a conference room and cleared everything. They agreed to take back all their equipment. 

Meanwhile we went on to Airtel. It was installed in 1 day and service began the same day. Man it was awesome. Fantastic. And when we recently moved they shifted the connection and set it up in our new house in 2 days. Brilliant service. They followed up on phone continiously. Not like we call them all the time.

We were so happy that when we bought a new Set top box, we went for Airtel. Needless to say the set up was up in a day and the procedure took 20 min. Beautiful transmission and all. I dont know yet if Airtel is cost effective or not. But I do know that they like their customers, and thats what matters.

Hurray Airtel!!!


  1. Being a fellow victim of reliance data services, this post is of great value to me ;) lol.

  2. ha ha,,,I d pay more anyday for better service!!!

  3. That's probably yet another story of the "good" Airtel. Now only if those buggers actually put up something in my building and bring the internet.