Just Emkaying: TS 12 Murali the mentor

Dec 17, 2008

TS 12 Murali the mentor

"What the hell were you doing? We expected so much from you...All you bloody did was sit there like one dead person, not even a word. Is that what you were there for?!!" Murali was pissed


"But she...."


"What she...Don't you have the nerve to be a normal person? why the hell were you like a dumb ass out there? Roshan had so many expectations from you. I have been in constant touch with him. He kept on asking what you were doing, whether you were leading the team or not...You failed miserably!!!"


"You know when she is around I get star stuck.."


"Bull Shit. I told you I would help you out with getting in touch with her. You weren't there on a love mission. Your job was to make sure the team won. Your energy and experience was required. Not your filthy Romeo Attitude!!!"


Backlog- Me & Murali

Ever since I and Murali had been friends, we were a rocking pair. We started talking on a range of things. We sat together, bunked classes together and had lunch together. Somesh and Mohan invariably felt left out, but I was moving ahead in life. Or so I thought.


Murali saw a talented, energetic and a know it all and a Hardworker in me. He thought I worked hard towards everything I wanted to, and I achieved it through dedication. I saw Murali as a mature and smart dude, very confident and peaceful guy, who loved to do fun things and who never had a problem with talking to anyone under the sun.

We both were wrong about each other. Very Wrong

However the initial days we were caught up in the josh of doing everything we could. In the process I introduced him to Roshan.


Backlog- Me and Roshan

Roshan was a senior in college who was considered the master when it came to Being in the know about latest happenings in the field of marketing, college fests and events. Absolutely brilliant. Especially after he won a south India level event single handedly for the college.

I met Roshan by accident. He was talking to someone in the Bus stop, when the topic he was discussing caught my fancy and I butted in. Surprisingly he didn't mind and instead we had a great conversation. Ever since I had looked up to him as the guru, and something I wanted to become.



Anyway's, Roshan and Murali were of the same age group, in the sense Murali was far older than me, by 2-3 years. So Murali and Roshan became thick friends. And in the process Murali also took the place of a guide and mentor to me. I believed that being with this guy, I could turn out better than the usual college duffer.

I had told Murali about Pw, and he immediately promised T help me out. He of course had better experience than me and was in a more advantageous situation than I was, love struck that I was.

The conversation we were currently having was regarding the same. We had decided to go to a fests, and in consultation with Roshan, we had "Arranged" for Pw to be in the team. I and Murali had to drop out, in order to accommodate the others. This was however a strategy, to pacify the wannabe's and so that we two could join the senior team in going to the major events of the year.

But we two were to go along with the team, to support them.

Needless to say the entire team screwed up big time, and I was strangely getting the stick for it. Perhaps it was because all I did whole day was get water for PW, sit next to her, get her stuff, roam behind her from hall to room to hall. And encourage her. The rest of the team was absolutely invisible to me at that point of time.


"You screwed up big time, dude. Absolutely a looser's attitude.Roshan will be absolutely disappointed in you..."

I somehow began to have a feeling that things were more deeper than what Murali was accusing me of. Somehow, I dint feel all that wrong as I was "told" I was. It was becoming an irritating state of affairs...

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