Just Emkaying: July 2009

Jul 28, 2009


Says it all Doesn't it!!!


Jul 23, 2009

Your'e a social networking addict when...

You know your'e a social networking addict when...

1. You try to log into your home instead of using your key

2. You dont laugh anymore. You just say "L-O-L"

3. You have a camera within reach at any time of the day/night

4. The photo on your driving license has a caption under it

5. You dont know what your colleague in the next cubicle is doing, but you know what your pal in Mozambique had for breakfast 30 seconds ago.

6. You feel lonely without a computer/Laptop

7. People all around the world know what your up to every single minute but your parents don't.

8. "Games" no longer needs physical excercise. All YOU need is a mouse

9. The photos and people you most often check out are your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends photos "ONLINE"

10. "Wall" to you has nothing to do with bricks and cement.

11. You love "sharing" without actually giving out anything to anyone!!!

And...your planning to "TYPE" a "COMMENT"

Cheers :)


5 Quick Movie reviews

I don know how many of you will agree with me, but the past few hollywood releases seem to have been real duds...
It all began with the Angels and Demons phenomena..It was so predictable that I had second thoughts..perhaps I was watching a sterotype bollywood movie. I mean so so lame...and before you can say it, NO I havent read the book. It was like I was thinking this would be next probably..and then bang it happens. sheesh!!!

Then came those crazy beasts aka Wolverine. Nice viewing pleaseure, but my Indian movie buffs would nod their heads in agreement if the ending dint look like a typical paresh rawal villain scene. Bad Guy blackmails girl. Girl traps guy. girl plays dead. Villain acts to help the guy. Ruins him instead. Guy finds out....and so on. BLAH!!!

Then came the worst movie of the century. Terminator Salvation. It should have been named Directors salvation. I mean somewhere in between, theres a connor whos lost his senses running up and down in time, and then we have a son father combo who dont seem to be sure of what theyr e supposed to be doing. They also put in a half terminator whos having some moral issues. And finally some nutcase who is incessant on showing the story revolving around ONLY two characters. I mean the director must have got so confused, that he let the whole crew have a shot at the movie making!!!..No action at all...Arnie!!! Come back!!!

Sigh, some of ma friends argue that I have been too demanding. Hell!!! The movies weren't even average. Not a decent sense of suspense in Angels and Demons, No sense and logic, let alone action in Terminator salvation. Anyway Wolverine was the best among the three, and I'd give it a DM Rating of 3.25/5. The rest was thumbs down

Some more movies I did watch though were Ice Age 3. It wasn't as funny as the first two, but with a good enuf story line, animation and the whacky characters it was a good watch. DM Rating of 3.9/5

Now one movie I wouldnt like to comment on would be Harry Potter and the half blood prince. If I look at it purely as a first time harry potter movie goer, it was damn boring. If I look at it from the harry potter-non book-reader yet follower, it wasnt as entertaining as the previous ones, but I know something is cooking in the next part. But for those who'd read all the books ,it would be damn brilliant and one of the best adaptations of the book. I will be fair and give it a DM Rating of 3.95

One movie I couldnt catch was Transformers 2. Somehow Megan Fox dint have the pleasure of me catching the movie...Guess she'll have to wait!!!


Jul 12, 2009

The day my knee went kaput...


It so happened one fine day ("fine is only for graphical usage") that my knee decided to take matters into its own hands...er own legs. or foot, whatever!

Ever since I got a job, my stomach seems to have developed a new appetite for food. It completley disregards the messages my brains sends to it, and I have a doubt my brain is hand-in-glove with my stomach. So, due to the scheme of things, my knee started having to deal with weighty issues, and on the day mentioned above, decided to give up on me.

I heard a slight "twang" while I rested myself on the mattress. I knew that the knee was upto something, and throughout the entire movie of "ICe Age 3" all I could do was twist and turn for a better position and hope for some ice for ma knee.

Surprisingly, it stopped acting up and I was fine for the next two days, when Monday the dang thing decided to show its democratic right of reprsentation in full might by swelling up and hurting like H-E-L-L.

So off I went to the nearest hospital to see this doc who was gonna threaten my knee into submission and get me back to painless days and nights. However the moment I walked into the hospital, I found it infested with tie wearing, bag totting people who I'd never expect to see in a hospital. For a second I thought that the Doctors were on their casual wear day thing, jus like Bangalore's software industries "casual Fridays", were you wear the best casual dressing you have, only to sit in a cubicle in front of desktop screen the whole day. (who are they trying to impress anyway!)

I then realised that these smart dressed people, were medical reprsentatives, who on the pretext of selling medicine, infest the hospitals to give poor ol salesmen like us inferiority complexes.

My doc arrived promptly 15 minutes late on his schedule, and started taking his appointments in twos and threes at a go. I got to go in with a poor ol software chap, who had some major issue with his spine, and the darn thing was planning on getting him on the doc's surgery table.

Meanwhile he motioned me to get ready for inspection, and just then my knee goes blank. The pains gone as if nothing had ever happened. Not to be outsmarted by my own knee, I made sure I got a thorough examination. Somehow the doc felt that the pain was due to some act of the "blah blah blah blah blah" and so we need to "bla h blah blah blah" which would need a X ray.

As I came back after the darn X ray, I was relieved to know that the ol knee was fine, no damage, but since the pain persisted, it could be a "blah blah blah blah" so I might need to go back for a MRI scan and some other stuff.

Enough was enough, I decided to take the knee into my own hands. In the hands of my trusted roomie I plopped my secret weapon. The dreaded "Crepe Bandage". And he prompltly wraped up the guilty knee into coils of tight cloth.

After thus securing the knee in bondage, I am now bombarding it with capsule of drugs. So far ma knee is loosing the fight, thought the thing still has some resistance left. Hopefully with the final attack the coming week, I would have demolished this rise of the knee mutiny for once and for all...

Will keep you posted on the developments of the war between ma knee and maself...

till then