Just Emkaying: Your'e a social networking addict when...

Jul 23, 2009

Your'e a social networking addict when...

You know your'e a social networking addict when...

1. You try to log into your home instead of using your key

2. You dont laugh anymore. You just say "L-O-L"

3. You have a camera within reach at any time of the day/night

4. The photo on your driving license has a caption under it

5. You dont know what your colleague in the next cubicle is doing, but you know what your pal in Mozambique had for breakfast 30 seconds ago.

6. You feel lonely without a computer/Laptop

7. People all around the world know what your up to every single minute but your parents don't.

8. "Games" no longer needs physical excercise. All YOU need is a mouse

9. The photos and people you most often check out are your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends photos "ONLINE"

10. "Wall" to you has nothing to do with bricks and cement.

11. You love "sharing" without actually giving out anything to anyone!!!

And...your planning to "TYPE" a "COMMENT"

Cheers :)


1 comment:

  1. Interesting! ..Luckily.. jus a few points are turning out true for me -- like 'LOL'and camera in my bag 24 hrs!! hehe....;)so here's me realising that im not a full fledged... but for sure a 'minor' social media addict...
    i feel im slowly catching up with the rest of them.... ! LOL!!