Just Emkaying: Life's still a bitch

Aug 15, 2011

Life's still a bitch

Forewarning Dear Readers / Subscribers. This is rant, a follow up on my previous one.. You can choose to read and curse me, or delete and skip.

Pre read - You know, Life's a bitch and Snakes and Ladders. You can know more about my rants by searching for ramblings under labels and reading the last few posts under it. Which shall warn me that I have a potential stalker at hand. (Am just humoring myself that someone would go through all the trouble)

Anyways, there was this one time when I wasn't there for someone very important. Very, Very Important. And the poor buddy of mine got actually beaten up, with me watching. Doing nothing. I guess in a way I have never gotten over it, and till day I regret it.

So I had decided that I would never let anything of that sort happen again. I would be there for my friends. And I can honestly and shamelessly say, that till date, I have. Its a different thing that there are some people who forget you once they are off and sailing in a different boat, any ways its not a bother.

My Point in this post is, the frustration when you don't have a solution to someones problem. You don't know what you can do, you don't know if what you do can create more trouble, and most of all, if you are the problem and are not realizing it.


Aquarians have two major weaknesses. One they are not very good with emotions. They may love someone with all their heart, yet they will never be able to express it. On the other hand, they hate someone enough to kill them, yet will tolerate them on a daily basis. The Second weakness is that they look very normal on the surface. Deep down they live a life of daily conflict with their principles and the urge to break free from monotony.

I am an Aquarian.And believe me when I say this, Life is a bitch. Its frustrating to see friends move away. Its frustrating not being able to help a friend. Its even more frustrating to have to adapt to this every year, and live with the fact that its going to happen again. It hurts because we can't live without people around us. And we are quick to get attached to people!!!

I sometimes wonder if I am a nut case. I really do. I wonder if something happens to me, would any of the people I so care about bother? I pride myself on not having given people reason to hate me, unless its my nature they hate.I keep dreaming that someday I will find someone who'd be the missing link. There have been many false alarms in the past and some are in process, but you never know. Now I am ranting. Sheesh, think about thinking this way every minute!!!

Anyway, I have by know forgotten the point of this post, but its made me feel better. So there.

To all my boy and girl pals, I love you loads!!!


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