Just Emkaying: Being Good is Being Mediocre

Aug 6, 2011

Being Good is Being Mediocre

The other day, it struck me that people talk about only one kind of people. These are the ones that are clearly skewed towards one end of normalcy. Either totally bonkers or totally Einstien-tatious.

Think about it, who are you constantly talking about. The mad, psychotic boss of yours? Or is that awfully handsome chap on the next floor? Who do your gal pals talk about, hmmm? Yes, its true. Its the extremes that get all the honey!!!

We've been trained to be mediocre, not great. Do all the things you can, multi-tasking, adjusting or ignoring and moving on, pushing the wheel. But at the end of the day, all this can get you is a mediocre job, a mediocre life and at best a good salary. Not great, not fantastic and definitely not mind blowing.

Even the bad guys have it good. Pure Evil gets you places, Absolute Brilliance does get you places, the best universities get you places. What doesn't is mediocrity.

Ever heard of someone from a mediocre place/ of mediocre thought achieve anything? Not me.Remember Batman & Joker, but what about inspector Gordon? See? We've been conditioned not to challenge things, not try to go beyond, with questions like "What are you going to get anyway?"

It struck me a bolt just a few days back, when I replayed a conversation in my head that made me realize, it doesn't really matter if your good. Everyone is good at many things. And there are many levels of good. But if your not the best / worst at something, you don't matter.

Its like being a pawn on a chess board. You can and will support the stronger pieces, but very few become strong pieces themselves, and even when they do its way too late in the end game. Everyone needs good people, but when it matters, good becomes mediocre, and its taken for granted.

Even as individuals, we make do with good stuff, but for those special occasions its got to be great. That's how people treat each other.For e.g at work, If they are looking for great, they look for non-good people. They won't unshackle you from the chains of mediocrity, they'll just go to someone else who is "good-er". I have always considered myself good at stuff, you know, like a good guy, but now that thought is scary. I wonder if we ourselves are responsible for encouraging mediocrity. We've been happy with good.

I've been recently hit by this phenomenon, and I've begin to doubt myself. At some point, you realize that being good is just not enough. GOOD is the NEW MEDIOCRE.There's always someone better. Being Good and then have the same reason thrown in your face as being mediocre is downright de-meaning.And its everywhere. At Work. On the Street. Even with Friends. I guess its nature!!! Survival of the fittest or something!!!

Just because someone is good, it does not mean they can't be great.

Wonder if I should go all out evil. Already have the inspiration to go with it.


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  1. Its like an ad, an awesomely good or bad ad gets talked about, nothing in between.