Just Emkaying: Nokia 5800 v/s I phone

Jan 14, 2009

Nokia 5800 v/s I phone

Ok before you guys think I am showing off cos I gotta an i phone, let me make it clear that this post is inspired by the hopeless and careless attitude thrown by nokia sales guys in their stores.

First of all, I was wondering why the I phone costs so much...nothing spectacularly different apart from the superb touch screen and billions of applications. The bluetooth doesnt connect to most devices, and features like forwarding messages are missing. But still the phone is a real beauty and their is nothing that I know can match its finger sensitive screen.

Or So I thought...

Being a huge fan of Nokia and its handsets, I usually check their latest offering on the net and the stores spread acroos Bangalore.

I dropped in today to check out the Nokia Express 5800 the touch screen phone from Nokia. Supposedly the crowd breaker in the touch screen handheld departments. While I went in, I just enquired about the phone. I asked him how the phone was in comparison to the i phone, and he said "FAR Better". Now this took me by surprise and I moved on to see the live demo of the 5800.

Believe me, it took 3 screen taps to get to the menu. I was already loosing patience, on tapping repeatedly to get the applications running. 5min and dozen taps later, I was no longer bothered to check out the 5800. ITs been a dissapointment to me so far.

Another fact being, most of the nokia (or any brand for tat matter) guys seem to have absolutely no idea about the mobile details apart from camera, wi fi, email, memory and music player. They dont know about detailed features like, camera focus or internet speeds or software versions or compatibility with devices. And the way they explain about the phones is more of a "take it if you want it" kinda attitude.

Strange. I dont know if its just me or is something wrong here.. IT s been a while since I held a nokia and I was kinda looking forward to buying a Nokia. Dont see that happening anywhere soon now...



  1. Nokia is just testing the waters with that phone. So I'm expecting more...

  2. Hai dude thas was quite a good post abt ur version of i phone. actually u got it all wrong i shud say coz nokia communicator series mite be a match for iphone obviously not a 5800 i don know who spread the wrong idea. i think u mit remember well how 73 gave a pull in the market it`s the same.. i own a 5800 and i `m happy obviously coz it`s got little bit of everything unlike i phone. thas more like a buusiness phone trying to be funny while 5800 is a fun phone tryin to be business hoipe u catch my drift..