Just Emkaying: THE STORY BOOK 2 Chapter 1(TSB 1)

Feb 12, 2009

THE STORY BOOK 2 Chapter 1(TSB 1)

Diary Reads 21 Nov

"Even to write the first page in my diary, I am having mixed feelings. But I have nothing left and this my hope. According to my horoscope, everything will improve from the month of November but nothing seems to be happening. I am happy that I have no guilt in my heart, but there's this constant fear of doing something wrong, a fear that something will happen to my parents. Today was akka's (cousin sister) marriage. I went. Guess Dad will have to shell out some money.

I did not get the job in the Phone booth yet. However I am still trying for it. Am absolutely confused about my future. MBA? CA? or to Join Dad. The business has been quite dull. Dad doesn't listen to anything I say. So much of monetary constraints. Sahdev anna(elder cousin brother) is so cool. Did his diploma, then his engineering and next an international MBA. He's just so dynamic, something I always thought I'd become.

I don't know if I will ever become something. Just turning out to be a looser. I read something about potential tapping. Guess that's all I can do now. How did it all come to this...

Going for supper. Nothing more to write. Goodnight."

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