Just Emkaying: FEb 24 to March 31

Mar 31, 2009

FEb 24 to March 31

I have been upto one of the most shameful things a fellow lazy bug member can be up to....WORK!!!

Sigh...The past one month has been a big fight. Fight against odds, fight against challenges and fight against recession. Getting customers to buy make up is a tough job...Girls out there..Support Daily mirror!!! Go buy make up and show your solidarity against recession!!!

(I guess the effects of WORK is telling) Apart from a receeding hair line, and greying beard I seem to have picked up some fancy negotiation skills (For the uninitated, thats the skill of telling your parents you'd go to a party and return by 1am, where they actually never let you go in the first place!!!)

So as the days went by, and am sure many of my blogger friends would vouch for, March 09 has been tough for any industry. Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Auto, Manufacturing. You name it. 

Well to those who know what I mean, Hang on. Fight. Don't give up. (Or in the case you get a better job, just let me know if there are any vacancies!!!)

To those who don't know what I am talking about, Forget it. Not worth bothering about.

Anyway, I have half forgotten "The Story" but promise will get it back soon. Am finding it very difficult to get time, but lets see what we can cook up...:) 

People thanks for coming in, even when I haven't been bloggin much. Another useful news, the most searched post on my blog...L'Oreal CASTING CREME GLOSS

Till next enjai madi!!!


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