Just Emkaying: Delightful encounter part 2

Nov 15, 2009

Delightful encounter part 2

The Environment was very conducive to romantic thoughts. And as I mused about life in general I noticed that it had got dark outside and the window was pretty much reflective. I saw a pretty face looking at me from across the row. I turned quick to face the beautiful thing and she was quick to avert my gaze.

And so it went on for a couple of hours. I looked at her in the window reflection. She would look at me. I would pretend to be dis interested. And then she would look on...and it was kinda cute. I finally decided to take a chance and hatched a plan to create a situation to talk to her.

Our destination was the same. So I decided to drop my purse accidentally just before she got down. Naturally she would want to point it out to me and give me a chance to say hi!

A sudden jerk awoke me from my slumber and I realized I had been dreaming. As I hurried outta my seat and ran down the aisle, a voice called me.

"Excuse me!"

I turned around and saw her calling out to me. It took me 5 seconds to realize I had been staring.

"you left your wallet on the seat"

What? I did? I thought I was dreaming about that.

As I went back to pick the wallet, she crossed me. Her perfume was fantastic. I picked up my wallet and got down the bus to find her, but she was gone. I did a quick run round the bus station, but she was gone.

Dejected, I walked out of the station to catch an auto, and then I saw her sitting in a car. Our eyes met and she smiled and waved as the car passed bye. I could only half raise my hand in return.....


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