Just Emkaying: Delightful encounter...part 1

Oct 22, 2009

Delightful encounter...part 1

An amusing incident happened a couple couple of years ago when I was traveling from Bangalore, on my way home for a long weekend. It so happened that being the lazy ass that I am, I couldn't get tickets for the lone bus that stopped at my village.

I tried bribing the ticket agent with all the shampoo and fairness creams he could use, but he dint seem to care much for imported stuff. So I had to settle for a longer route back home, and had to catch a morning bus to Mangalore;Luckily I got a comfortable Volvo.

Usually, it takes about 8 hours to reach Mangalore from Bangalore, and about 3. 6 seconds for me to doze off and snore away in glory of the elephants of Rajpur, but since it was a morning ride I decided to listen to some music. I was hoping Priyanka Chopra would occupy my neighbouring seat, but as luck would have it, a granpa with serious issues came and sat next to me, all the while giving me menacing looks, and nodding his head in disapproval at the linkin park blaring through my iphone.

After an hour or so, I had this beautiful girl get on to the bus and take a seat on the other side of my row. So we were sharing window seats on opposite sides. Though not the one to try stunts, there was always the hope of opportunity that lingers. But since I couldnt see her and the whole dam journey was getting boring, I went off to sleep.

I woke to the sight of coconut trees flashing bye the windows and a slightly....(to be cont'd)

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