Just Emkaying: Dear Bangaloreans...

Sep 26, 2009

Dear Bangaloreans...

After riding my bike in heavy downpour, through waters where no biker would dare to go, I felt it my social responsibility to educate my fellow drivers/riders about certain things. Here goes

For my dear Bikers:

1. I agree you cant see a damn thing when it rains, but that doesnt mean the roads are empty. Dont get into that impression

2. When your already drenched it makes no sense to avoid water. Ur not a "famous four" member to have an invisible shield around yourself

3. Bikes are meant to drive on roads. Not on footpaths, other riders legs, drainages. Stick to roads, or whatever little is left of the roads.

For my dear Car Drivers.

1. The roads are not your ancestoral property/dowry gift/etc. We pay road tax as well, so dont think you own the road.

2. Hit and run is still a crime in India. Yes, even if it rains.

3. When it rains, the roads are a bit difficult to navigate. There are lesser souls like us trying to ride as well.

For my dear Cabbies.

1. Yes I agreed you got the roads as a gift from the IT fraternity, but that doesnt mean you dont come under the Road Transport Act of India.

2. You too don't have licence to hit and run. No. You cant kill either.

3. Dropping your passengers home is important. Dropping them alive and in one piece is more important.

4. When it rains, please avoid acting like your driving a boeing 707. Its still a car and is susceptible to stone throwing from other riders. Like me.

Kindly oblige


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