Just Emkaying: Hollywood stars and attitude

Apr 5, 2009

Hollywood stars and attitude


During my daily rides around Bangalaore, I listen to a lot of Radio. Especially I love this channel called Radio one. The RJ's are really cool and the music is also Bindaas. 

So last week they had all these Hollywood celebritys come down to celebrate 150 years of Hollywod and I was like super excited to listen to these stars. There was Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jenifer Aniston., though I couldn't listen to Ms Aniston.

Brads interview was kinda ok ok types. He was on with RJ prithvi, who I though tried to bet Brad to open up, but Brad kept boring. Then was Tom, who really sounded like a fun guy. But Will Smith was absolutely outrageous. I didnt expect this guy to be half rude and bloody damn arrogant.

When asked what's different about Hollywood, he says " we make a lot a money, maybe i could buy off a couple of blocks in India. " and says he doesn't think anyones really good in Bollywood, though he likes Sharukh (Chak de)

Somebody shoot the man!!!

Sheesh, the show too was dissapointing, with these stars coming on for 5 min, for a whole 4 hour show!
Talk about hype!

Sigh....maybe next time

happy weekend!

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