Just Emkaying: Dreamlogs - Dumbledore in a business suit

Dec 2, 2010

Dreamlogs - Dumbledore in a business suit

Have been getting these weird dreams for some time now. I find it amusing that they are all so strange and wonder if they are related in some deep, meaningless sort of way. Anyway all the better for me, as I get more topics to blog on. So provided with enough material, these are gonna be short dreamlogs on the things that make me smile when am asleep :P
Dumbledore in a business suit 
I wake up in a room opposite THE Dumbledore in a business suit. Not only does he have his standard beard attachment, but also seems to have a bird that looks likes it decends from the phoenix and Jack's parrot (from Pirates of the Carribean). The room is in hogwarts I presume, because am more interested in what Dumbledore is gonna ask.
After what seems like ages, he asks me " What do you think the future is going to be in 3 years time?"
And just before I snap out of it, I manage to mumble " Well, for starters, Voldermot is back"
And then am awake, staring at the a vague blurry picture of a ghost at the door, which later turns out to be clothes dangling from the top of the door.
(Did I mention that I was dancing with a certain someone in the paddy fields outside the interview room??)

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