Just Emkaying: Mangalore

Oct 30, 2008


Well this time around I went home via good ol Mangalore. ITs been a long time that I went there, last being A year ago for some business. However this time around, things had changed quite a lot. The famous 4 way lane which was under construction-completed-again under construction-cancelled-re constructed had finally got shape. IT was more of a road this time around than it ever was. However the bus drivers dint mind. For them anything the bus moves on, is road. and that to their own personal road.


Any way, some surprising new members, (Again finally!!!) were the Fly overs and drainage works going on in Mangalore. Mangalore is a Special Economic Zone, and is expected to be the next Bangalore. However years ago there were pointers to the lack of infrastructure in the city. The Mangalore-Udupi-Manipal Belt is world reknown for their educational and medical institutions. However Mangalore does also have a fair bit of Shipping and industrial activity. This area is also known for its coastal cuisine and NRI population. Any way back to the fly overs.

Just like Bangalore, the fly overs were there, towering over the roads, kicking up dust and disrupting traffic-ah the irony of it. Well I was in Mangalore for like 30 min, During which I managed to take a snap of Saibeen Complex, and catch a glimpse of Errol, author of Scoptoma. I wasnt able to catch his attention, as I was in a bus. But anyways, here are the snaps


The Once super popular Saibeen complex


Fly over



Fly over again


Inner city Roads--Flooded with Airtel translights!!!



Well thats all I could capture, am working on a post with interesting facts on the Manipal-Udupi-Mangalore Triangle. Hope that comes out soon!!!




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