Just Emkaying: Russel Peters live!!!

Oct 19, 2008

Russel Peters live!!!

Man believe me it was an awesome Saturday,,,we went to watch the Live show of Russel peters in blore..IT was absolutely hilarious..And the guy is much better in person than on you tube.

We reached around in 7.45...the show was at 8.30 And the place looked like a circus..Absolutely crowded. Apart from that they were such a fantastic crowd...there was a mix of all kind off people..the girls were all too good to be true kinda thing..never knew there so many pretty things in blore!!! That too all in one place..We were three guys...with some others joining later

As usual Russel loved it when he got to pick on some chineese and american guys...there were also some african americans from ghana. He also did an oncore on popular demand even after the time was up.

My buddy debi had met russel the last time around and had a snap and autograph. So we three were waiting to meet him...surprisingly we were the only three fans waiting. All of a sudden there he was getting in to the car, and my two buddies were off to the door..the damn security guy stopped me...while I watched in frustation my two buddies got autographs and a fantastic picture (which for pure jealousy am not posting here) lucky guys..That really blew my perfect sat night..

WEll anyways for those of you who missed it there is a show again in blore on 25th..Hope you can catch it. As for me..maybe the next time around, I would be with him in the car rather than waiting for an autograph!!!


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