Just Emkaying: Where is my silver lining??!!

Oct 13, 2008

Where is my silver lining??!!

Its been just another one of those days when ya feel you shouldnt have bothered waking up from bed. Apart from that just cant understand that how those guys in the commercials wake up fresh and bright in the morning...I havent seen a happy face early in the morning for years, excecpt Jimmy's who loves running into the house from his outdoor kennel..
Come to think of it he seems to be the only one happy in the morning running around licking everyone, pulling bedsheets, jumping up and down, till your awake..and the irony is he goes off and sleeps by the fireplace after his tea. Those are the days and ya think "a dogs life!!!"

Any ways, This years hasnt been particularly great, and its getting worse by the month. Isnt every month supposed to have a silver lining? Am still waiting for th
ose linings, maybe a whole years linings are due. Apart from making me more pessimistic and bored, it also reduces my blog-a-bility! And I just started a third blog!! Talk about timing

Thought this weekend was fun..!a party at home for 14 guys..Drunk and singing songs never felt better!! Some snaps

This is the cans we collected!!!

The second part of the same collection

And to round off an earrrrrrly morning drive!!!

So thats the weekend!!! But 6 days of misery was worth the weekend!!! 

Till next..

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