Just Emkaying: What is your calling?

Oct 25, 2008

What is your calling?

There comes a time in everybodys life...that time when everything  you believe you wanna do loses meaning..that time when you don know what your doing...something disturbing your inner happiness..

I always thought I knew what I wanted to do. Did my MBA, got a good job. Had career plans. Things going on smoothly. And all of a sudden things go topsy turvy. Everything changes and you realise somethings not right. In the midst you have an entire new set of priorities, and thereby resulting in confusion. Every one has this period..some or the other time.

During this crunch, people either get tough and emerge victorious and follow their dreams in a more convincing period. Others change into something absolutely different, and ya think "this is it!!! why dint I do this before?!" Doctors get into Business, Businessmen become Social workers..You get the drift right?

So coming back, I am somewhere in this area now. Am having a really tough time in my head and dont see any roads. They say when in doubt, do what your heart tells you. But I dont hear anything!!! Have you ever found your calling...I mean ever knew what you really wanted,found it completley crazy, yet just knew it was it. Hmmmm

Have you ever felt it? Have you ever thought about it...hmmmm

Am going home for Diwali, might give it a lot of thought.

Till then, happy diwali. have a good time :)

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