Just Emkaying: what a bad hair day!!!

Sep 30, 2008

what a bad hair day!!!

Really had a tough day...was just back from home in the morning..Somehow the auto guy fleeced me 300bucks!!! Not a guy to argue with auto walas, I was on the verge of a fight today first thing in the morning...

then came the bike..the horn went Kaput..Got fed up trying to correct it and in the process got late for work..

Then came the saliva spitting bus..I overtook a bus and somebdy felt it was the right moment to spit out..while I was checking what the F, the bus vanished and so were my chances of whacking someone. To top it all one of my favorite boss in office had his last day at office today..so there!!!

Some snaps from home at 6.30 in the morning!!! 

Phew..anyway its a brand new month. Have been very active on linked in..catching up on everyone..asking questions and stuff.

Am looking forward to a good month (Puhleeeeeeze GOD!!!)

Till ma nxt...

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