Just Emkaying: Whats going on....?!

Sep 10, 2008

Whats going on....?!

Just another one of those days...when ya go into deep thought..

Wondering whats going on..some nut cases are blasting nutrons and all..some guys debating why they should be the next president and how best he can attack a few more countries for petroleum.(aka iraq if u dint get that) somewhere in our country some guys are screwing the happiness of both farmers and Tatas..why dont they just say tata anyway..

And then again we come down to a small little art of blore were little ol me sits and rakes his brain on what to type!!! I feel like snails are moving in slow motion in my head..nano slow is more like it. I did watch Phoonk today..man the best movie I ever saw. I mean have your everseen such a comedy horror flick ever? ;)

Lifes gone kaput past few days..don know whats going on..gotta get something soon before i burn out to non active brain!!!

To tommorrow

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