Just Emkaying: ASUS Experience!!!

Sep 7, 2008

ASUS Experience!!!

Hi, I had recently bough an Asus PDA, in Sangeetha. During the time many of my friends suggested to go for a more popular model, like N series or an HTC. But zara hatke that I am I went ahead buying my ASUS P527 PDA after much research and deep study( Rs 17000 spent had to be bloody well worth it!!!)

Strangely a fortnight ago, the fantastic music headphone went kaput!!! absolutely no sound in the headphone.. I took it to Sangeetha who were prompt enough to direct me to the ASUS service center. But the service center was closed and they had shifted to a new location.

Today I had been to the service center, Man it was an awsome place; unlike your crowded, "we are the best " Nokia centres ( Incidentally I still Love NOKIA!!!) it was very cool, well presented and had a nice couch too. I went ahead and told them the issue, they wrote down the complaint, and in 5 min....

GAVE me a NEW HEADSET!!! in 5 min!!! can you believe that?! It felt really good. most centers would have it sent for checking and all that but this happened so fast, I was really surprised. Man looks like ASUS has got a fan for Life!

ASUS is actually a manufacturer for mother boards of laptops and computers. The mother boards that go into your HP's and compaqs are from ASUS. Now they have come out with Laptops and PDA's. And beleive me they sure do look awesome and worth the money. Am really looking forward to the new launches coming up this month end..with the first 128 MB ram PDA. WOW!!! looks great..lets c what it turns out as!!!


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