Just Emkaying: Interesting things to do at Office

Sep 13, 2008

Interesting things to do at Office

Here Goes


1. Reach the office half hour late. Remember early bird gets the worm. Believe me you dont want to eat a worm for breakfast

2. As soon as you go, pile up your desk with files, papers, and stationery. Gives the cubicle a "work effect", just in case your boss passes by.

3. Check the coffee machine. Its gotta be working properly. Dont take chances. Have a full cup of coffee to make sure the coffee machine is working properly.

4. Google the word "Iworkatacrappyplace", check out the answers. Mail a copy to all.

5. Take a trip round the office. Check if everyone has arrived and is feeling well. Find out whats happening in Suzy's uncle's house with the new dog coming in.Social networking is very important to feel belonging

6. Check the coffee machine again.

7. Check the pantry too.

8. See if you boss wants to know what a swell guy he is. If he is, tell him so. Use "Fantastic", "leader" and "Phenomenal". Tell everyone the boss is in a bad mood.

9. See if the paper rocket you made out of three different brands of newspaper can actually cross the entire office.

10. Take a lunch break

11. Take your lunch

12. Take a leak

13. Talk to the new girl in the office. Make sure she is comfortable. Help her around. you gotta help your neighbours right?

14. Throw a tantrum on how the people in the office dont value good work, and that they need to work harder.

15. Take a coffee break.

16. Play "pinball" with the "guys"

17. Time to leave early due to work stress. Ask neighbour to cover for you. They should feel privileged.


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