Just Emkaying: My journey so far

Sep 16, 2008

My journey so far

Part 1 : Beautiful Bahrain

Was born in Bahrain. Schooling in Asian School and Indian School (5th and 6th), WAs a member of Kannada Sangha. Was more in the category called unkown!!! Lots of Friends from Kannada Sangha. Most are in Bahrain, or in Mangalore(India), Bangalore(India)

Part 2 : Incredible India

Moved down in 1996 to further my education. Was in Little Rock Indain School. (7th to 1oth) The the next large chapter was in Poorna Prajna College, again in Udupi District. Did my PU, Bachelors in business management. I wanted to be an architect but somewhere in between I got frightened of Science. I had a good academic record, but still opted for a comerce degree(Science was the craze back then)

Wrote my CAT exam. Scored a good 83 percentile (93 % in english, 36% in Quants!!!) and ended up in a new MBA college at Udupi..ICFAI National College. I didnt know why I was there after all my mega dreams of being a Brand manager, but somehow managed to bag 5 national awards, and the best intern nationally from the university!!!

Now after a short stint in advertising and in a Marketing company (as a Sales incharge, of all things!!!) Now I work for Loreal( ya it sells cosmetics. No its not an insurance company). Still in search of ma goal in life and a companion too....

fee fi fo fum, hey life here I come!!!


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