Just Emkaying: Fight against Terror

Sep 17, 2008

Fight against Terror

Hi Past few months we have been seeing so many terror attacks, not only in India but also across the globe. We have had blasts in many countries, but one stark contrast is that majority of these blasts have happened in countries where

1. Have adopted the policy "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind" so lets talk it out

2. Have adopted the policy "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" so lets give these guys a taste of their own medicine.

Were countries have aadopted policy 1 there has been  comparitively lower powered serial blasts every now and then. Countries adopting policy two have faced superpowerful blasts( like 9/11)

Terror networks arise from weakness and insecure people. They arise because of Some overtly psycopathical religious fundamentalists.

Whenever one individual gets these  S.O.P.R.F (Some overtly psycopathical religious fundamentalists) feelings he picks out his weakest targets. There he drills till he has enough money support to recuit another SOPRF. And so on he has an army of weaklings and insecure people.

Terrorists claim to be strong and brave...bullshit.(willing to kill innocent people by blowing urself is not Bravado) They are weak minded people who dont have the guts to come out and fight in the open against the armed forces. They think and hit and run is brave. Its like mice scurring around.

To a large extent we have created these terrorist armies. How you ask? Well for one majority of these people were from poor backgrounds and with lot of dreams, But we intend to keep these people there and crush their dreams by not opening up to them. They are then motivated and turned anti social, half because of our attitude towrds them and half because of those SOPRF's

Remember every stomach gone hungry, every tear fall, is a cry for help. Its up to us to either help or let SOPRF's help them and brain wash them. And use them against society.

Friends, open your hearts and minds...recognize what you can do to nip these terror network in the bud. Dont wait to be a hero by spotting someone placing a bomb somewhere. Be a hero by doing what it takes to fight terror everyday..

To a safer society..to a safer life..to a happier day in the life if every human..



  1. Thnx for visiting my page Maddy :)
    and thnx for all the comments..

    I believe its not just poverty tht drives them to terrorism..but obviously they r soft targets..