Just Emkaying: 5 things to do when you wake up on a workday

Sep 10, 2008

5 things to do when you wake up on a workday


1. Switch off the mobile as soon as you get up. You dont want people calling you in the morning and asking u stuff that can disturb your inner peace...(people could be bosses, colleagues..etc)

2. Relax. You have just got up. Work can wait. Dont pressurize urself in to waking up if feel like sleeping more.

3. Check if you feel feverish, jaundicish,headacheish etc. Work can only add to these troubles and have long term effects on your companies frontline. (u dont want that to happen,now do you)

4. Take your time to see the good things in life. My favorite is CNN IBN and ESPN.

5. Prepare for your day. Plan out your schedule. Saving time is of utmost importance to catch that 7:15 movie at PVR...


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