Just Emkaying: Audition tommorrow!!!! Aaaghhhh help!!

Sep 13, 2008

Audition tommorrow!!!! Aaaghhhh help!!

All of a sudden am getting all jittery about tom audition. I do know what am gonna do. I mean like whts gonna happen and all. I have been to stress interviews before, have been screwed and come out of it too...but hell this is national tv man!!


Imagining lil ol me in a sea of youngsters...jumping over each other..fighting to get into a reality show. Frankly I don even know why I applied, apart from the fact that I want to get away from my current boring life..Do something different, challenging. I havent told many that I am even auditioning, maybe 3 4 guys. And I am sure not many are gonna read this blog anyway so no probability any more are gonna know.


Hey even MTV Roadies is up in Bangalore for Auditions. Maybe worth a try. I'd love to get into that interview with Raghu!!! But somehow at 23 I feel old already. Maybe I should go in for a brain scan just to see if everythins alright. Bet the CT scan machine would burst!


Heard Roadies is gonna be in Australia mate!! Isnt Australia the continent with most of the dangerous animals/reptiles in the world? Like the Black widow spider, the Mamba (snake!!!), lots of sharks and crocs (thanks to Jeff Corwin, may his soul RIP) Am not sure of the mamba, check it out anyway.


Phew thats a lot of confusion in ma head...I need some sleep. And a vacation...and a 50% salary hike, maybe a nice car and a flat...

There I go again!!


Cheers guys...tom is the big day!!



  1. Hey, best of luck bro. I don't really follow the show, but heard about it.