Just Emkaying: Audition For A REALITY SHOW!!!

Sep 12, 2008

Audition For A REALITY SHOW!!!

Hi guys!!!

NEws NEws...The profile I sent for a reality show got selected (I think?!) and I got a mail for an audition on Sunday...hmmmmmmmm

Am all confused now..am I all excited about the show and am I trying to play cool... Or is it that I am cool about it and am trying to look excited. I don know much about the program itself as I got only a  rough idea..Adventure, Hindi, Humor seems to be the key words.

Lets see..Don know what am gonna do there...what if they ask me my most embarassing moment..I never had one..
Or maybe tell me a joke??!!(sounds corny to me)

I really cant prepare for all these things. Just a go as you are maybe. Like what I am is What you get!!

Chalo, ye be dek lete hain!!



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