Just Emkaying: Audition sudition Blah!!!

Sep 14, 2008

Audition sudition Blah!!!

Finally its over...the audition I mean. It was kinda cool..But undoubtedly I was not at my best. Very Very Rusted as per the good old days when we were colleges.

It started of with a video shoot introducing ourselves. Some questions were asked.

Then was the GD. Again as usual a contrversial topic. To Get out our opinions.

Then came the most important question. Who out of the other 7 would you want to take with you on to the show. Followed by who you wouldnt want to take with you..

Some of the qustions I was asked.. And the answers I gave. And the answers I should have given in other circumstances

1. If you got 50,000 to slap a guy, how many slaps would you give the guy?

My Ans: I wouldnt slap at all, I wouldnt harm anyone physically

Should have: I would probably slap him as much s humanely possible, then share the bounty with him, and taken few slaps myself maybe.

2. If you got a bag full of money with an id proof, what would you do?

My Ans: I would take half the money, send the remaining back to th concerned person.

Should have: Take the money, scoot as far as possible. 

3. If you need to give a sexual favor to your boss to get promoted would  you do it?

My Ans: No. It wouldnt last very long. (promotion I mean)

Should have: If my boss was attractive, maybe...;)

4. If your a helpful guy, you should have been doing social service..

My Ans: Once I win the money I will give money and time to any social cause

Should have: Who told you I am not doing social service right now?!!

5. You dont look Physically fit to do any adventure activity like para gliding or tight rope walking

My Ans: Its all in the mind, if your mentally strong, you can do anything.

Should have: You dont look physically fit to wrestle or get into a boxing ring yourself!!!

But Though I would have given the should have answer's in any stress interview in my good ol days, somehow I was very honest in what I have said. I may sound politically correct, thats what I would honestly do. I have given Gold chains back when I found them. I have never hit anyone to save myself!!!

I was trying to emphasise that I am very different from Others, and that I could only prove it in action not in words, however that dint come across I think.

However soneone did say that they would take me along to the show, given a chance, Because that though I appeared silent I was the most different guy among everyone there!!! Phew!! At least someone noticed.

But somehow I am disturbed..I dont think I am the same spontaneous, smart ass kid I was..Very worrying, Any way lets see what the results say. Not that I am expecting anything surprising.

Maybe in the future then...


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