Just Emkaying: I remember you

Aug 16, 2010

I remember you

When I walk across the cement court
Strewn with golden leaves
When I see the wooden benches
And through the windows, the age old garden tree
When I walk up the temple path
And cross the little shop
Or I see the mirror
And laugh at my silly crop
I remember you.

When I see my cellphone
And an unkown number rings
When I think of the invisible
And think of those funny things
That we discussed at all times of the day
And no matter how I tried,
For some reason, you kept me away
I remember you.

One I saw and knew, yet we never met
And One I only heard, yet we met and knew
One, on what the eyes believed
And One on what the heart felt was true

Small things become important
And important things become irrelevant
One was beautiful and One was true
Now you're gone
Yet all said, and Yet all done
I still remember you

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  1. Well well.... what do we have here? Maddy the poet! Nice :)