Just Emkaying: Of Cockroaches and Politicans

Aug 18, 2010

Of Cockroaches and Politicans

Its actually interesting to see how most of the things in this world are better than our "neta babus" . In fact I think you can actually sit and see that everything has something or the better than them...(Even without favoritism)So I was just mind-wandering, and I randomly picked a creature to compare with the neta babu/politician. In this case, I chose a cockroach.

A cockroach prefers to live around Filth.
Politicians : Ditto

You can't actually differentiate one cockroach from the other, except for size
Politicians : Ditto

You can't reason with a cockroach
Politicians : Ditto

Cockroaches live long, and are trouble makers - spread diseases in homes
Politicians : Live long, spread troubles in any environment

Cockroaches can find food anywhere
Politicians : Can find money anywhere

Cockroaches can live anywhere and still survive on others food
Politicians : Ditto

Can't be killed easily. Hides and runs and comes back
Politicians : Ditto

Cockroaches stink
Politicians : Ditto

Lots of cockroaches = Dirty House
Lots of Politicians = A Dirty Country

A cockroach in a matchbox is as a good as a Politician in a jail house. They both get out.

Cockroaches have a large flat body, and a relative small head.
Politicians : Ditto

Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal, and run away when exposed to light.
Politicians : Almost the same, runs away when exposed\

The more the cockroaches, the more the problems
Politicians : Ditto


I think I can fairly say by now, that the Politicians is a larger form of a cockroach, and hence a larger problem. Be careful when you vote the next time. Ensure you don't vote for a large cockroach!!!

Keep smiling

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