Just Emkaying: About Jimmy

Aug 8, 2010

About Jimmy

It was a pretty awkward feeling this time when I went home. No one to wag his tail and push against the mesh door, no crazy running around the floor and falling over sofa corners, no skidding as his back legs gave way, no jumping, barking, whining...No Jimmy.

We lost him to strange circumstances on the 21st of June 2010, a rainy night. He did what he never did, and ended up in a way we never thought. But the fact remained, no matter how much we tried to understand, that he was no longer with us.

I remember when he first came home. I always wanted to have a dog, and on one of those days when I went home on a weekend holiday, I had this feeling that there was a surprise awaiting. As expected, when my parents introduced him to me, I was super happy. This small fur ball could only keep from dashing against my feet, in an attempt to catch up as we ran around the courtyard. It was fun. Over my circumstances we would try to play fetch, only it was me trying to retrieve the ball as Jimmy ran all around the garden with the ball in his mouth.

We used to play hide and seek, while running around the kitchen, and eventually he'd start crying or pulling on moms clothes if he couldn find us. He'd had a tremendous temper. Tearing up anything in his reach if we left him inside for a longer period of the day - and the usual target would be the laundry or newspapers lying around

Some time around his 3rd year, he lost the strength in his back legs, and could no longer jump and run very fast. As a result of this, we were very careful with him. But he had this way of endearing himself inspite of all his pains. If I was at home, he'd come into my room and pull at my Blanket, and If i didn't get up he'd just wait till I got up.

After Lunch it was usually sleeping right, at Dads sofa or mom's bed. And throughout the day he'd lie in the kitchen, or the garden depending on where Mom was, and she'd keep talking to him about all sorta things.

He was a handsome golden brown, and this strange look in his eyes when he was sad. He just sulk about if anyone shouted at him, or if Dad was out very long. He used to love biscuits, all sorts of them. He used to be in the kitchen or around food, he never touched anything unless it was in his bowl or given directly to him. And of all the rooms in the house, he never ever entered the prayer room. Even by mistake.

At night, when I used to call home, he'd bark into the telephone receiver and run around the room like crazy. And after his dinner, he'd wait for the TV to go off, and then go out into the porch outside. Waiting for us to open the door in the morning.

Only this time, he wasn't at the front door. He wasn't there at all.

I will miss you Jimmy, we all will. Take care where ever you are.


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